Should i get a job to help pay for high school?

I'm 14, and just got a summer job. I've always been the type that looks ahead and goes 5 steps at a time. The thing is, when i go to high school , ill have to pay a lil more than half the tuition. Its a private school, and since my family just bought a house , is it my duty to help out and get a part time job? the tuition is around 8,000 dollars a year =/ What should i do?
Please Help, any advice is appreciated

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Sure why not? I am 14 and i have had a summer job since i was 13. I am sure your parents would appreciate that if you did. I wouldn't put your intire paycheck into college tho. I would split it in two...1/2 for college ...the other 1/2 for your self. Good luck!

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You ask 'is it my duty''ll have to ask your parents whether they want you help pay for that or concentrate on your studies....just in case, here's some ideas:

City, County, State and other government-run Youth Programs
Vacation and Tourism spots
Parks and recreational areas
Swimming pools, golf courses and campground facilities
Day and summer camps
Amusement/Theme/Entertainment parks
Museums, Zoos and Aquariums
Airport concession firms
Childcare and Eldercare providers
Health care facilities
Business services (including)
Moving and packing companies
Pool and spa companies
Lawn care and other maintenance companies
Construction companies
Movie theaters
Fast food and restaurant establishments
Ice cream parlors, juice bars
Clothing and accessory stores
Newspaper / Magazine Distribution

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