Killing animals for meat

I am very against killing animals for meat and I became a vegetarian because it. What I would see about the animals and how they were slaughtered in such a barbaric way disgusted me because of how cruel it was. But the fact that the many people don’t eat meat that does not mean that people will decrease the amount of slaughter being done. The reason most people become vegetarians is that animals are precious to them and they have to be killed for our liking. So getting to the point ..some people being vegans does not reduce the amount of slaughter..wrong or right? I honestly want to know

Answer #1

If it’s important for you, then it’s right for you - me, I’m much more concerned with babies being slaughtered - no voice, no choice.

Answer #2

Part of the problem is that people have to ‘choose’ to be vegetarian - if people instead, had to choose to eat meat (and properly take onboard the act of killing as well as animal welfare issues) then I think more people would ‘choose’ not to eat meat - and less animals would be bred for slaughter as a consequence.

In the UK, one particular group are campaigning on this very issue - to make the purchase and consumption of meat regulated and therefore compel individuals to make an educated choice - this is called The Meat Licence Proposal.

Answer #3

I do not like buying meat from the store, but I LOVE wild game, plus you in control of how much pain you caused the animal and you know that before they gave themself to you they lived happy in wilderness. Raising meat cows with no oppertunity to fight back is sick and wrong, and no being vegan does not stop the production of meat.

Answer #4

people being vegan or vegetarian in no way decreases the amount of slaughter. supply and demand still requires for a lot of meat to be available for people to purchase and consume. so you were right. but the reasons for people being vegetarian are just, and understandable.

Answer #5

Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

  I am an omnivore. I love both meat and vegetables.

I think you could do more good by joining anti-cruelty to animals groups rather than just just being a vegan.

Man is always going to eat meat. Eating meat is what caused man to evolve into the human that he is today.

Accordingly, you can’t improve the animals’ lot by criticizing meat eaters but rather by criticizing the inhumane treatment in the raising, housing and butchering of animals.

Let your voice be heard!

Answer #6

great answer hungryhungrychippo. I am also an omnivore, if they want to make an issue of killing to live, plants are alive just as you stated, they bleed ( sap) when harvested, and it is proven that they respond to the world around them- so they are living entities. I am not against vegans, that is their choice to make, but I am tired of the whining about my (and others) hunting animals. I will always hunt and consume meat- that is never going to change. and now the angry comments and name calling from the vegan community can ensue.

Answer #7

well, you becoming vegan would in theory reduce the amount of slaughter compared to if you DID eat meat…it’s funny, because I’m against the slaughter of VEGETABLES, so I do my part by only eating meat. the problem with this is that you being vegan negates any headway I would have otherwise made. my only solace is that I’m a 6’10’’ 300 pound 24 year old american meat eating machine with a passion for becoming a true carnivore, and you’re a 15 year old aussie female who weighs more than likely about a third what I do. I probably eat more meat than you and foxxy eat in vegetables COMBINED. long live vegetable freedom!

Answer #8

I look at it this way. You go to the store and get a salad bag instead of meat such as chicken, ham, or cow, well another person behind you is still going to get it, therefore the need for meat isn’t going to stop. I have watched th 30 days show the guy on there did nothing but hunt and eat meat, he went and lived with Peta family, after living there he understood that what was going on was wrong and didnt want it happen that way, but still thought some animals were made to eat and will not stop eating meat. So it’s your opinion, but fight for what you believe in.

Answer #9

Yeah its true that there will still be the horrible killing and raising of livestock, and theres nothing vegetarians (like me) can do about it. But becoming a vegetarian and knowing that you personally are not taking any part of it is good, unlike the other ignorant people who say its ‘natural’ for humans to raise animals in absolutely unsanitary conditions and get tortured instead of dieing quickly. just not taking part in that is doing something right, even though it may not be a big impact

Answer #10

Well of course. That is why most vegans ARE part of anti-cruelty groups. duh.

Answer #11

well you need the meat. a lot of vegitarians dont get a lot protein

Answer #12

I would eat people, but I think it’s against the law.

I feel really bad now, I just had bacon and eggs

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