How can you get used to being a vegetarian if you used to be a meat

I changed my eating habits because I think killing and abusing animals is terrible. Therefore, I stopped eating meat completely, yet I find it extremely difficult.

Answer #1

Zudano-thats such a lie! don’t believe what the advertisements tell you go on google and find out the real truths behind Organic, free range, no steroids and no cruelity animals-they still suffer. if they only get 5 minutes of fresh air in the whole day, then its legal and the chickens in the back cant even get out plus theyre so used to concrete that they dont feel comfortable with the dirt!!! its bull shit saying that they live a normal life

Answer #2

Do not buy meat substitutes, They are not healty, They are highly processed and loose most of the nutrition. They also have added chemicals to give them that meat taste. If you have a fx for something meat tasting try Portabella Mushrooms. You can gril them with a little salt and pepper and it is the closest thing to a meat taste thats not packed full of chemicals and actually worse for your health then a hamburger.

If the only reason you stopped eating meat is due to the abuse, They do have meat that is Organic, free range, no steroids and no cruelity that are dispatched humanely. The animal is still killed and the meat is a bit pricier but its a good way to go. Also, they have free range eggs laid by chickens that get to roam around and live the life of a nomral pet chicken.

Answer #3

my mom is a veggitarian and she just calls a steak or whatever, a dead animal carcass, and calls those who eat it buzzards!!lol good luck

Answer #4

I recently became a vegetarian(more than a month) and nobody thinks I can make it any longer.

I havent wanted meat at all ever since, and I really think ill last a long time. everytime people around me eat it im actually kind disgusted by the whole idea of eating DEAD animals.sounds kinda gross huh?

yeah and tofu really isnt that bad, I just got some meatless meatballs yesterday there great with pasta and in reality werent that pricey.

Answer #5

Uhmmm I disagree with viviana, it’s usually easier if you just quit it instead of decreasing the amount…

I just stopped one day, and it’s been 5years since then that I haven’t ate meat…

I just got rid of all meat around me so I wouldn’t be tempted… I would think of disgusting things that made me not want to eat it… Try meat suppliments like tofurky etc…

It may be hard at first but just be determined and stick with it… It’ll get VERY easy. I’m at the point now where I’m no longer tempted, I’m no longer disgusted, I’m just indifferent towards it.

Answer #6

just remind your self evertime you eat meat, your killn an animal, im a vegetarian, I was born with some disorder that my body cant digest protein, so I never ate meat or anthing because protein

Answer #7

well… the mst important thing is to not chanche from one day to another. Try leaving it little by little and soon you will find yourself not eathing meat !

Answer #8

buy foods that are good substitutes for meat and taste like meat like morningstar farms and bocca. they make bomb chck’n nuggets.

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