Am I a wuss for being against meat?

So im a vegetarian after watching a horrible youtube australian video. and I thought killing them was bad enough, but the way they treat the animals while there alive is farking horrible, and I could only watch like 20 seconds of it before I cryed or maybe threw up! Do you think im a woose for being against meat?

Answer #1

I totaly agree with you jontej im 14 and I’ve been a vegetarian 4 a month egzactly on this day and evr since thn people have been like riding me and makin fun of me and itz still pissin me off put I just keep thinkin that im helpin and animal and thr not so ya and I HATE MEAT EATERZ exept for mi family and not mi dad or mi step dad tha can die

Answer #2

I’m vegan and have been for a year and I think if your vegan or vegitarian it makes you stronger then meat eaters because you’ll still be alive when they are dead..and it takes a lot of will power to be vegan/vegitarian.

Answer #3

It took humans hundreds of years to climb to the top of the food chain, and after all that hard work and effort, and all those lives lost to saber-toothed tigers and the like, you’re just going to not eat meat because you think we’re being mean? Those ferocious blood-thirsty predators didn’t think twice before gobbling up one of us, you should be glad we have the intelligence to feel a pang of pity for them, right before we kill, butcher, and cook up their scrumptious bodies. Though… we don’t actually eat any of the animals that kill humans today… But still!

Answer #4

yes im all for that the dude which is why im going to hogs breath tonight lol. best steaks in aussi land hmmm.

Answer #5

I agree eating meat is one of the most sinful things you could do. You should be proud to be a Vegetarian. It is a pure activity. You are not a wuss in anyway. I hate these people who think they are all bad and tough because they kill others. A vegetarian man could take a meat-eater anyday.

Answer #6

ok I must be a sicko because I watched the video on you tube and nothing. It was a bit eww but besides that nothing. I must be a heartless b*tch…

Answer #7

dont you dare call yourself a wuss. you care about animals and that is a very good quality. no offence 2 meat eater but if you eat meat you support animal cruelty and shame on you 4 calling vegos wooses.

Answer #8

^ thedude, oh god so true. I haven’t had steak in 3 years considering I’m also a vegetarian, but I won’t lie, steak and chicken are damn good.

the reason I don’t eat meat isn’t because of all the boring peta videos I’ve seen, it’s because I’m kind of well, afraid of it lol. when I was younger I was at some restaurant and I was eating my delicious chicken when all of the sudden DUN DUN DUN… I cut into a freakin’ tumor this demon chicken had and it oozed blood and pus everywhere. nightmares!!! no meat for me since that day >:p

Answer #9

Apparently it’s age restricted…hm, probably graphic.

However, grasshopper…I’ll be thinking of you next time I eat a nice juicy, well done & cooked to perfection steak.

I was raised vegetarian, and for years, didn’t eat meat while living with my dad. Then, for the other half the year, I’d eat meat while living with my mom.

The animal treatment issue is certainly one to consider…however, let’s be honest, steak is just plain tasty.

Answer #10

Oh so. the furoshish animals that were killing such as what:? tigers? we dont eat tigers we eat pigs, cows, etc I dont see how there foroshish or however you spell it !

Answer #11

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on everything. No one is a wuss for eating meat anymore than they are not eating it.

I personally love a good t-bone that is medium rare!

Answer #12

Far from it! I think modern day meat eaters are more wussy than a vegetarian. Modern day meat eaters don’t go out and stalk down a deer with their bare hands and teeth. They go to a supermarket where all the killing had been done for them. I think raising a lamb and then slaughtering it in an abottoir with no chance for it to defend itslef - I think this is truly wussy - and very low. I think deciding to become a vegetarian in a country that prides itself on eating meat (such as Australia), is very brave indeed! Many meat eaters will ridicule vegetarians, not because they’re a wuss or becasue they’re weak or any other belittling remark, but because vege’s are going against a societal norm. People often don’t like “the odd person out”, just becasue they’re different. I think deep down, many meat eaters think that killing innocent animals is wrong… they’re just too weak to stand up against society and do something about it, in fear of being ridiculed themselves. Good on you, I say!

Answer #13

No, you’re not a wuss, if you think it’s wrong then there’s nothing wrong with that… I personally dont think it actually makes a difference, and steak tastes so good!

Answer #14

tina thats grosse. but on to better news hogs breath was the best I’ve had ever. so grasshoppy I cant go vego right now lol

Answer #15

eating meat is horrible. you should not feel like a wuss for eating it AT ALL! I don’t eat meat, I hardly ever have, I was raised a vegetarian. It is not only horrible for the animals but it it horrible for the earth (I.e.carbon emissions)

Answer #16

ewww haha.

Answer #17

kk ill watch it after I go to dinner at hogs breath…lol

Answer #19

be a happy and proud vegitarian and don’t worry about what others think

Answer #20

stuff ya’s all.

Answer #21

whats the link

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