How long should I give her to move out?

so I kicked this girl out of my house because she’s terrible at cleaning up after herself, and frankly she is destroying everything. Also, she causes trouble with everyone else who lives in my house.

How long should I give her to move out?

Answer #1

I would give her 2 weeks. That gives her enough time to get her things together and find somewhere else to go .

Answer #2

there are laws that you have to follow. you have to give 30 days notice on an eviction

Answer #3

I’m considering that she should suck it up and move back in with her parents… again.

Answer #4

30 days

Answer #5

That’s great! As long as you take pictures, that way when you can take her to court, the judge will see to this matter. Good luck and I hope she moves out soon. I also say try giving her 30 days notice. That’s a disgrace she’s destroying your house and disrespecting you. I also think its a disgrace she hasn’t paid rent. Boy, she’s in trouble now!

Answer #6

alright… well if it comes down to that… I’m going to prepare by taking pictures of all the damages she and her dog have done to the house. And I just bought the house a couple months ago, so I still have a recent home inspection report, which will make for a good comparison.

Answer #7

If your state is like most, you have to give her 30 days written notice. If her rent was due on the 1st of the month, then you have to give her the written notice by or before the 1st of the month PRECEDING the 1st of the month by which she has to be out.

An exception is that if she is failing to pay the rent, you could go to court and get a seven day eviction notice.

One other exception: If she is physically damaging the property, you could go to court and get a 48-hour eviction notice.

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Answer #8

well she’s not really on the books as living with me anyway cause she’s only been there 3 months (even though the original plan was that she only could be there until she found somewhere else) she’s been 1/2 intentionally looking for a place while she destroys mine. I mean it would be different if I was a land lord and she was renting the house all by herself, but she’s just renting a room in my house (and destroying my property) she also hasn’t paid the rent for this week.

so I guess… since I told her to start looking for a place 3 weeks ago in the first place (before she decided it was a good idea to insult me in my own home and basically tell me that she expects me to fight her battles for her… which is why I now demand that she leave) then I can lawfully stop letting her in the house at the end of this week? If she doesn’t have her crap out of the house by then, then she’ll have to come back and get it when I’m at home, and not when she feels like it.

Answer #9

I would also say at least 30 days. Does she have a place to go? If not most people will do credit checks and then she will need securtiy deposit and first months rent. Hey if she gets out sooner then good for you but I would give 30 days that is plenty of time. She would have no excuss not to be out.

Answer #10

well the good news is… I told her to be out by the weekend or else I would get the courts involved, and she left this past saturday… sad thing is, she took some of my stuff… nothing too expensive, and in some cases I can see her making a mistake as to what was hers and what wasn’t (bowls, tupperware, etc.) but there were some things she KNEW weren’t hers that she took. Oh well I’m ready to just let it go so I don’t have to talk to her again. But still… I mean I know she’s disrespectful and an idiot, but I never saw her as a thief. Guess you never really know people.

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