Why is moving so stressful?

Hi everyone, I know I don’t come on here as much and it’s good to be back on here. I’m wondering, what’s the reason moving somewhere is so stressful? I’ll be moving to Mount Pleasant Michigan next weekend and I’m also wondering if all of you could give me some tips and advice as to how to deal with stressful situations such as moving? I’d appreciate any feedback and comments you might have. I never knew moving could be so stressful when I’m going to be moving an hour from where I’m at right now which is Gladwin Michigan. I just wanted to change the location early since I won’t be able to get back on here for awhile since I’ve been busy with college. Anyway, I went long so I hope to get some positive feedback as to how I can deal with moving better.

Answer #1

It’s a major change you’re undertaking. For most people, uprooting themselves from everything familar, is going to be filled with some fear and apprehension about the future, as well as missing those things they’ve been accustomed to, like mom dropping by with some soup when you’re under the weather.

But you can offset a lot of the negative things by approaching the move as a new adventure - you are now becoming an explorer of new frontiers - and that’s as human a trait as is marking a spot for your home.

So make a decision to get to know your new surroundings, and be excited about discovering new things and new people.

From a practical standpoint, organization - checklists of all the things you have to do, will help make sure nothing goes wrong.

Good luck and enjoy the new world you’re entering!

Answer #2

Stressful situations are a part of life my friend. Just be happy and glad that they don’t last forever. Meaning that after you move and get settled, it won’t be as stressful. It’s only a matter of adapting, whether it is with the idea of moving or the place you’re moving to.

Answer #3

The reason why its so stressful is because you are moving a bunch of furniture and trying to hook up stuff again and something things all again. And sometimes things don’t go your way.

Just try and relax and not to freak out and you should be fine.

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