Moving help!

Okay so I’m moving in a week and I’ve never moved before so I have a couple questions:

1)how long does it take to pack? 2)how long does it take to unpack? 3)is it really hard adjusting? 4)is it hard to leave your old house if you’ve lived there your whole life? 5)is it scary?

So basically anything you know about moving helps! Thanks, its greatly appreciated!!! :)

Answer #1

I guess that the time it takes to pack and to unpack depends on what possessions you have, if you have fine china and glass dishes- all of those will be extremely time consuming because they should be individually wrapped in news paper to prevent damage. you should get a lot of boxes. I am a single male, and I usually like to start packing 3 or 4 weeks ahead of my actual move date, that way I can kind of organize and label the box contents for easier unpacking. larger furniture is easier, although sometimes heavy- you just put it in the trailer as is .

I have found that moving is an exciting adventure, there is a slight element of saddness from leaving behind a familiar home packed full of memories, the thing to remember is that you will make new memories at the new place as well.

and I don’t find moving scary- I think it is kind of refreshing to live in new surroundings, and meet new people.

Answer #2

Packing depends on how much stuff you have. unpacking might take a while and it might be a little unorganized, but my favorite part about moving is unpacking :) its not too too hard to adjust, just might take a while to get to know a few people . but not to long. yes. it will most likley be hard, with all the old memories of it there , but everything will be okay. it might be scarry at first, seeing all new people you’ve never seen before , but im sure it will be okay :) wish you the best of luck

Answer #3

I have never moved before either but I think if you have a lot of stuff start now so it wont take so long on moving day.

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