Should I keep rescuing?

Here is what I do, I rescue cats and dogs and try and find them homes along with breeding my very own silver labs and chocollate labs. I’m proud of what I do and I no many people don’t like breeding kennels but I save dogs too. I want to know what you think how could I make my kennel better?. My indoor part of my kennel are 7ft across and 8 ft long and 6 feet high, the outdoor kennels are 12 ft across and 10 ft long and 6 feet high with a tin roof over them so snow and rain stay out. The are cement kennels, the indoor kennels are full of hay. We run our dogs twice a day with the golf cart, and have my brothers and sister come over a lot to play with them. My cat barn is a 40 feet across and 15 feet high building. with 2 cat doors cut into it. Both buildings are heated and air conditioned. And it has carpet in it, and one corner is fild with hay. We have 6 extra large kennels filled with hay.

My silver and choco breeders: (and my dogs and cats)
Allie-3yr old silver lab female Gracey-2yr old choco lab female Lil Bit-2yr old silver lab female Hardley-2yr old silver lab female Chester-18mth old silver lab male Blaze-5mth old choco lab female Thore-5mth old charcoal lab male Gunner-4mth old silver lab male Miley-1yr old fawn boxer female Penny- 13yr old yellow lab female Demmie-13yr old striped female cat Batty- 9yr old tordi female cat (pregnant by Smudge)


Joey a orange and white male cat rescued from death at the humane society, they were bringing him to the room and we ran in and said we’d take him the gave him free.

Smudge a simease male cat rescued from tractor shop, they had him only eating corn and he weighed only 3lbs when we got him. They agreed to give him too us.

Scratchy a grey striped and white male cat rescued from a person who had over 50 cats, he had masive worms and many parasites. She gave us his sister too named Lilly.

Lilly is identicle too Scratchy her brother. They were left in a graudge and we are working on taming them. They are so adorable. Scratchy and Lilly are awesome cats.

Frys a orange and white female kitten, she was abandoned at a house and we picked up her and her to sisters. Bella and Anna. They were very tame. Sadly the mom was hit by a car before we got there.

Bella a black female kitten, she looks to have a broken leg, maybe she got hit by a car, we have her in our house. She was at the vet, and they say she is so small they cant do anything.

Anna a striped grey and tan kitten female, she is smaller than the rest of her sisters.She is getting better with people and loves being held, she loves to sleep in your arms.

RoseMary- a black lab mix long haired., we got her from a lady who shot her sister because she had 4 litters of puppies in 2 years well RoseMary got pregant and they were gunna kill her. We brought her to our house she had a litter of 10 adorable puppies, they are curenty 3 weeks and cuties.

Well what shoud I do? Should I keep rescuing?

Answer #1

Do you adopt out the rescues or sell them?

Answer #2

I think you should keep rescuing. I personally think it’s great what you do for animals. I’d like to help animals in some way when I’m older cause I’m a huge animal lover. But you do what’s best for you.

Answer #3

So…on one hand you are a breeder…adding to the overpopulation of animals…

on the other hand… you rescue the very animals that you help to overpopulate…

I say…get out of breeding and focus on rescue. Spay/neuter all the animals and continue your good work.

Actually, I must ask…do you s/n the rescues BEFORE you adopt them out?

Answer #4

As long as you are able to feed, house, and vet all these animals…then I say go for it!! I want to thank you for doing it!! :)


Answer #5

Well all cats and dogs I rescue get spayed and neuterd before they go to new home and they get all there shots. They also I check each animal I sell twice a year. They must be indoors only and they have a sell back contract, they must sell them back to me if they dont want or cant keep. Even my puppies I breed have a spay and neuterd contract they must be fixed before 1yr old. or I get return of the dog. I love all my animals!! I love what I do! Also just got a call a lady is dropping off a short haired white cat with one blue eye and one green. And he is a male! Cant wait to meet him tomarro.

Answer #6

wow first of all I think that is relay cool of you, and I wish that I had the money and recources to do the same thing I aplaud you , and yes you should keep it up if it makes you happy


Answer #7

Well I love animals and I make great moneyy 23$ an hour and my boyfriend 26.25$ an hour. And we always try and do the best fo our pets we feed dimond dog food one of the top dog food and mix rice for a healthy stomoch. And our cats get fed 9 lifes caned cat food, and meow mix. I love doing what I do. I love having puppies be born and knowing that im saving the lifes of animals. I have 30 kennels for dogs and a no climb cat fence all over my yard so none can get out. Lets just say we have no mice. Haha I also work on training feral cats, I have fixed 4 of them…I gave 2 of them to my aunt and 1 to a lady as a kids cat, and the other to my mom, they think they are awesome cats.

Answer #8

I only charge 50$ per cat and100$ per dog to make sure they aint just going to leave them some wheres. I never have problems getting rid of them. If I could give them free I would but fixing/vet bills/ food is ery excpensive. I pay over 2000$ a month

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