Why won't the mother dog feed her puppies anymore?

A dog I recued 1 1/2 ago has had puppies..yes its my fault but the vet woundnt do it earlier she was to young so he says...she had 6 puppies I made a nice big box witha heatlight and helped her deliver.. she was good mom and new what to do when they turned 3 1/2 weeks old I notice she wounldnt get in the box anymore she would sit outside and hope they make it over the wall to eat..I would place them on her and she would feed them find when she was done she would just get up I would have to put them back in the box...so I finally figured it out the box had gotten to small, yes the puppies are big...so I moved the family to a spare room nice and big and warm...them the mom stop feeding them..I waited a whole day to see if she would and she didnt...so I brought some puppy milk and then when I started feeding them she got in the box and started feeding them...only for alittle while..the next feeding I made her feed thm...thats when I noticed she has teeth marks on every nipple...if they bite her she bites them back nto hard but hard enougn for them to stop sucking...now I feed them all the time first I let her try cause she still have plenty of milk...I stop her from following me around the house and make her sleep in the room with the pups...cause she wont if I dont make her...so now she wont eat there poop anymore cause it smells not like her milk I quest...everytime I go to feed them she comes and lays there in the box...I dont understand it...she has diaherra to now its white chalky liquid on top...the doctor has seen her 3 times gave her entric and metronidazole...but she still has it...she poops on the floor almost every night and pees...knowing she going to get in trouble...the puppies are fat, playful but I no they want her...how can she teach them anything if she wont spend time with them...unless she wants to...she hates feeding them..but...she will once in awhile
I dont no what to do or not do...I need a breeder to tell me is this normal is it not...oh the vet said I can give the puppies blended up puppy food... can anyone help me..I am willing to give my phone number to anyone who knows about moms and puppies to get advice...I am so burned out...just ready to give it all up...HELPPP

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Well she might of quit feeding them because she might be out of milk try feed the puppies a bowl of milk ...if they dont drink at first take your finger and dip it in the milk and put it the puppies mouth...If that dont work then you'll have to bottle feed them

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don't feed cow's milk. you must get the formula from the pet store which is goat's milk.

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Same thing, my female wont give her 6 pups milk! She just walks away when they try to hang on her nipples to drink milk!

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It could be they're old enough to eat other food...I don't know, though. I'd call your vet.

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I had a dog once and their mother would not feed them so I got a dog bottle and fed my dog it drank the whole thing

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I raise Great Dane puppies and they get teeth right around 3 weeks and momma always gets stand offish, never too far and still protective but doesn't want to feed them anymore, you can usually start to see sores around the nipples or scratches, clipping nails might help but at this point they really are safe to switch to puppy food soaked in puppy formula then gradually ween out the formula to water. I do this for extra nutrient and it's less of an interruption to the diet their little bellies are used to. If mom gets a break she may (or may not) feed for short periods of time, or maybe one long feeding just once a day. Depends on the mom, mine generally just allow me to feed 4 times a day. Take a cookie sheet, spread out a thin layer, soak it in formula until it's really soft, you can warm it a bit in the oven and let them go to town!!! They LOVE it. In a week or so lessen the soaking time, pay attention to back teeth, the more the cruchier the food can be. Don't worry so much, mom picks up on that and starts to worry to, just relax, pick up on cues and be a confident helper!!! It will be great and the babies will thrive! Good luck, hope this helps!

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I have exactly the same problem, my dog had 3 pups 4 weeks ago(one died at birth)and she has been a great mum until now
she gets aggressive if they try and feed from her it's a bit of a nightmare watching her all the time,they are eating a bit, soaked biscuits, mashed up puppy food and a small amount of goats mik and lactol,but they cry all the time for there mum,if they try and feed off her she attacks them,I can understand in a way, because there teeth are getting big now,they are border terrier cross puppys, I have started restricting mums food slightly so that her milk dries up, don't now what else to do,
hope everything sorts it self out for you me and the poor sweet puppy's

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Pups will start eating solid food at 3-4 weeks.

She may still nurse them on and off until about six weeks.

Do not force her to nurse. Give them puppy chow moistened with water to make it easier for them to eat.

They generally start getting their teeth at four weeks.

Never give cows milk to puppies. It can cause them to die.

When my mama dog stopped nursing the pups it was about the same time and I just took over and fed them puppy chow 3-4 times a day. She was happy to give me that job.

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MY dog quit feeding hers and neglected them all together about the three week time period. The would eat can food but mush it in water so its soupy... they wouldn't eat out of a bowl but if it is in a paper or flat plate they would lay in it and eat

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The same thing has happened to me & she was too young...But mine went bad to worse in 2 days. My Jack Russel ( WoodStock ) had 8 puppies ( I think one was stock in her ) well by what I hear that is a lot for my dog. 3 died 5 lived...2 days later the Mother died so with 3 puppies. 2 are still alive I was Taking care of them well by myself but I got help.

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I have the same problem my dog gave birth on Jan 20,2009.Everytime the puppies go to drink milk she gets aggravated and walks away and I'm sitting there in horror watching the puppies drop to the floor when she gets up.We tried locking them all in a metal kennel with her but she stands up and refuses to feed them and I'm to the point to just let her out the kennel for 10 mins and It's heart breaking hearing my 3-day old puppies scream something terrible I need some help you guys need to help me wha should I do?

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They have probably been weened. It is time for a hand-fed diet. when the pups refuse liquid, switch to a semi-solid diet. The pups will continue with the hints!! you may soon after, start a solid diet.

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Trim or file the pups nails if you have not done so already. They hurt and mom is uncomfortable. It is part of the natural process of the pups getting ready to be weaned (the puppy teeth and claws hurt mom so she is not so interested in nursing any longer). Eight pups is alot too so more uncomfortable for mom. Have them nurse in groups of four. Mom may be more willing to tolerate them like that.

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