thinking about getting her a horse soon?

my daughter is 11. She is horse crazy. She looves horses. Just seeing a horse brings joy to her face. She is taking riding lessons and has begged and begged for a horse. I think she knows enough about horses. But is this just a stage she will go through and grow out of? I don’t want to get stuck with a horse. I know most girls in there tween age loove horses and by the time they are in late middle school and high school they will have nothing to do with horses. I’m thinking about getting her a horse soon.

Answer #1

I’d say don’t buy her a horse yet. Lease one first. That’s what I did, and im really glad I was able to. It helped me learn more about caring for horses. I started riding in about fourth grade, I’m 14 now, and at the moment my family has four horses, two are mine and the other two are my older brother’s. Caring for a horse is a huge responsability. You really need to make sure your daughter is ready to handle it. Also, a lot of people do lose interest in horses as the get older. There are way to many horses up for sale because the kid who they were bought for has lost interest. I personally believe its a terrible thin, but that’s just me. Don’t buy a horse until you are positive she can handle it and will stick with it.

Answer #2

I am in Middle school, and I have 6 horses. I LOVE THEM!! I never get tired of them, but your daughter might be different. It is hard to tell. Hope that helps!!

Answer #3

I am in Middle school, and I have 6 horses. I LOVE THEM!! I never get tired of them, but your daughter might be different. It is hard to tell. Hope that helps!!

Answer #4

I took horseback riding lessons when I was younger and I really enjoyed it, I grew out of it but most people continue with it. I guess it depends how serious they are and how much they really like it.

Answer #5

My friend is horse crazy… She has loved horses since she was 5… now she is a freshmen in high school!I don’t think she will ever stop liking horses! And isn’t it every girls dream to own a horse???

Answer #6

I loveeeddd horses as a kid, but as I got older I grew out of them. wait a little longer and if she still loves hores the same maybe get her a horse, it will teach her resposibilty. or if you know a family member who owns a horse tell them to loan you the horse for a week and see if your daugter can deal with the responibility. good luck. :)

Answer #7

I wish my dad was like you. he wont even let me take riding lessons. (but thats only cause my older sister is doing so much stuff)(older sisters ruin everything for their younger sister) shes gets verything and I get nothin

Answer #8

We all have our passions. Is this one a real passion or one of passing? If it is real, I’d consider granting it. I wish you luck on your decision.

Answer #9

I have always loved horses, had riding lessons but couldnt afford a orse of my own. So my mum let me loan a horse, that way the horse was mine and I looked after it like my own, but when I outgrew the horse (this could be the same for your daughter if she lost interest) I was aloud to give it back. I loaned it from the riding school I went to and it was great fun! Your daughter could also share a horse so that the every morning every night and costs of the horse would be split, and if she lost interest then she could just stop sharing it, good luck x

Answer #10

She may never come out of it. A girl that age will learn a lot of good things from an equine friend that she may not learn elsewhere. I’m an instructor and have seen my kids (students) grow to be very sucessful adults. They learn to take on life’s problems easier than their non equestrian counterparts. I teach my kids to do everything from caring for minor wounds to trimming hooves (for the older kids). Are there expenses in having an equine friend? Sure there are. Is it worth it? I can’t think of anything that would be more a joy to your little girl for less money. I’d take some time and shop around for the right horse. Don’t forget adoption from shelters. There are some great horses available awaiting good homes. Be blessed.

Answer #11

From my experience a bond between a girl and her horse are never broken. A horse will give your daughter hours of entertainment, not just riding, but brushing and spending time with him. When I was a young teen if I had a bad day I would go to the barn and spend time with my horses and it always made me feel better and at peace. Horses do great things for kids that no one can explain.
Best of wishes with your horse search if you decide to get one.

Answer #12

you never know, but either way she need to look at her horse as a pet like any other pet and know that she is still responsible for it to love it and care for it. If she loves horses and you are able to have one where you live, by all means let her…kids learn 1st hand by the experiences in life and allowing your children to have pets is a great thing. Teaches them responsibility and allows them to care for something other than them selves.

Answer #13

My parents got me a horse on my 9th birthday…I never out grew it…that horse was with me until we were both 35 years old (she retired on our place). I went to college, got married, kept my horse…I’m almost 60 now…and I still have two horses, still ride, and still love them to death..!!

Some kids grow out of them…many do not (it’s a great way for kids to stay out of trouble…I know my love for horses kept me on the straight and narrow thru high school).


Answer #14

I was horse crazy, started riding around 7. . .was showing by 12 or so, and a junior champion by 15. . .then I got bogged down with school, extra curriculars, and working to pay for a car to take to my lessons. . .which became infrequent due to the fact that I was working!

My parents leased a horse for me and although it’s a tiny bit pricier, I’d suggest that at first. That way, you’re not stuck with a horse, but she still gets the chance to ride whenever she wants/take care of a horse as though it was her own.

I did manage to keep riding, but owning a horse through college and law school would have been more costly than it was to just let someone else take the horse I had shown and built a reputation for.

Answer #15

I think if you don’t have a horse, it’s something you grow out of. If you do, you probably won’t.

Answer #16

unless you’re a billionare with a perfect family and lots of land- go for it, I hate horse now with a passion because my father sold mine , (he meant a lot to me) don’t make the same mistake he did, or you’re daughter will end up a horse hater like me lol

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