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what are some things that you've learned/surprised you about the judicial system? and why..

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There are two sets of laws: one applies to the regular citizen who if they didn't pay their taxes is put in jail - while another who didn't pay taxes can be nominated, and approved Secretary of Treasury - I know "I forgot / an oversight" would not work for me - same law applied different.

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Broad brush used - I'm pro-life and I'm not pro-war...I am pro-defense of America from enemies at home and abroad...and the American way of life !!

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Marijuana is one of the least harmful drugs - yet it's illegal and worse one's are legal.

We have advanced so far - yet homosexuals still do not have the right to marry.

People who are pro-life, are pro-war.

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***We have advanced so far - yet homosexuals still do not have the right to marry***

This hasn't anything to do with the judicial system...the legislative system, maybe, but not the courts...

***People who are pro-life, are pro-war***

Again, has nothing to do with the judicial system.

The most surprising (and saddest) thing I've learned about the judicial system...is that it's NOT about justice...it's about the "interpetation of law"...and who can "say it best"...


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Amblessed - I didn't mean ALL pro-lifer's. I meant most.

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