Why don't the us use the metric system?

Is there a reason why it hasn't been properly implemented there? I mean it is a much easier system of measuring things.

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We, as a country, like to be different and difficult.

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But why? what is the reasoning behind it?

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Cause they are way behind.... they think the imperial system is fine...

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...because Canada uses it....the US doesn't want to be anything like Canada, lol

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to be honest i like the way we use measurements in the US. im just used to it but to me it makes more sense than the metric system. yes i no the metric system goes by powers of 10 i just like how we do it in america. hey everyone, im being general here so dont bit my head off, hates america for some reason or another and this give those ppl who hate america another reason to hate us.

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It's a historical artifact at this point...there was a movement to get everybody to switch...but the switching cost is exceptionally high.

* tools need to be changed
* machinery needs to be changed
* education needs to be changed
* vehicles need to be rebuilt

Etc, etc...the sheer *volume* of things that would need fixing make the idea of switching to the metric system an economic nightmare with benefits...that don't outweigh the cost.

IF the USA didn't manufacture anything, IF we were a very small country, IF we didn't have a large mass of legacy systems built on the imperial system of measurement, THEN we would have switched long ago.

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