What's the funniest joke you know?

whats the funniest joke you know

Answer #1

I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you !!

Answer #2

Ok this is long and kind of an adult joke.. but nothing too bad but here goes.

One day this little boy was out playing in the mud and his mom came home and said, “ Why don’t you come take a shower with me”? and she said dont look up or down. So they are in the shower and the lil boy looks up and said, “ What are those mom”? And she said “ those are my headlights son”. And the lil boy looks down and says “ whats that mom” And she says “ thats my bush son” So after the shower he went back out in the mud. And the father comes home and says “ Why dont you take a shower with me, just dont look down” So the little boy is in the shower and looks down and says “ whats that dad”? And the father says, “ Thats my snake son. So later that night “ Real Late”, The little boy couldnt sleep so he walks into the room and says “ MOMMY, MOMMY, TURN ON YOUR HEADLIGHTS! DADDYS SNAKE IS IN YOUR BUSH!”


Answer #3

why did tiger look in the toilet to look for pooh. there was a blond a brunet and a red hair the red hair lady jumped off a cliff and said pillows and she landed in pillows the brown jumped off the cliff and said cotton and she landed in cotton the blond started to run but she tripped over a rock and said crap and she landed in c are a p

Answer #4

Hey I love knock, knock jokes LOL

Knock, knock whos there?… Lettuce Lettuce who? Lettuce in it’s cold out here.

I love blond jokes (I am a blond)

She was so blond she thought Taco Bell was a mexican phone company What do you call a blond girl found dead in a closet?? The 1950 hide and seek champion :)

Answer #5

knock knock whos there…olive olive who… olive you.. hahahahahaha…

knock knock whos there…am ama who… ama kick yo butt if you dont stop knockin on my door… hahahahahaha I crack myself up…

Answer #6

Answer #7

This is a slightly sarcastic comment, but that knock-knock joke about the “ama” thing doesn’t make any sense. Why is the person knocking on someone’s door, going through the whole who’s there stuff, then threatening danger if the other person doesn’t stop knocking on their door? They’re the one on the doorstep! Anyway, the best joke ever is definitely…

Knock-knock Who’s there? Interrupting cow Interrupting co- MOOO!

Answer #8

if cinderella turns into a pumpkin at midnight, what does princess diana turn into? …a wall. (it’s a little dated, but probably the funniest joke I had ever heard at the time.)

as long as we’re having a laugh at the dead, here’s another.

have you heard about the crocodile hunter? his estate is suing coppertone sunblock company for false advertising. it’s crazy, he put the stuff on right before he went in the water, and it SAID that it would protect against harmful rays…

Answer #9

ok this is my fav– a dad was packing 4 a buisness trip and his lil daughter was sitting in a chair watching him all the sudden she started crying saying daddy I dont want you 2 leave so the dad walks over and starts tickling her and pretending 2 eat her fingers and stuff 2 make her laugh and after that he goes back 2 packing and the lil girl statrs 2 cry and he says what wrong now? and she says I put my booger on my finger 4 safe keeping and now I cant find it llolll

Answer #10

Why did the bubblegum cross the road…?

Because it was stuck to the chicken’s foot!!!



Answer #11

umm.. what room has no windows or door?

A mushroom (ok not the best one)

Answer #12

Okay, this one is quite mild, but it cracked me up: A flat chested woman goes out shopping for a new bra. She goes into shop after shop asking if they have a size 28A but she can’t find one anywhere. Eventually she tries her luck in a small lingerie shop run by an old deaf lady. “Have you got anything in size 28A?” asks the woman. “What was that, dear?” says the old lady. The woman lifts up her T-shirt exposing her breasts and says, “Have you got anything for these?” The old lady peers at the woman’s boobs and says, “No, dear. Have you tried Clearasil?”

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