John Cena Sucks

Anyone else think that John Cena Sucks and he is everything that is wrong with WWE right now ???

Answer #1

Ooh…and let’s not forget ole’ “Rowdy” Roddy Piper! He’s a bad boy! Was just arrested on a DUI charge!! Tsk,tsk!

Answer #2

Oh yep, forgot about Randy Savage. And…Jay Youngblood, he goes waaat back–like early to mid 70’s. Yep. I hated it then, still pretty much do. Lol you have friends or family watching it faithfully –u learn a little bit. {•:)>

Answer #3

I looove john cena!

Yeah go ahead and hate him. His got millions of fans.

He doesnt give a rats a*s about what you think or feel about him!

Answer #4

no, I dont think he sucks…but I like him because hes I dont watch WWE. and if my cousin knew what you said about him she would kick your

Answer #5

Why you gotta bring my mother into it , what age are you 12 bit old to still like john cena arent you and I know cena is going nowere but thats why a lot of fans are going somewere TnA

Answer #6

Well dude your opinion stinks like a horse butt,nobody cares what you think about him,your just another hater on his back which he doesn’t need. 25 Years bull,I have been watching wrestling since the start of WCW,don’t start that you know a lot about it cause all you know is how to hate instead of appreciate.

Answer #7


I guess its just that im old school I’ve been watchin wwe (wwf) for 25 years and maybe I just long for the good old days , but I cant stand cena , and why should he care about my opinion of course he does not I never said he wud or should , its just my opinion

Answer #8

John Cena is amazing..I dont know why you assume, you not liking him will make a difference…Like she said, he has millions of fans, youre just one guy, who cant accept that he’s cute and awesome…Get a life Please, no offense(How do you know all those wrestling moves)!LOL

Answer #9

Dude what is you problem just because I dont agree with you if you dont like what im saying dont post anything back , and by the way what have I said thats immature , I’ve hated him since he debuted against angle , and I hate him now ,

ok this is me backing my words up ,

they make out like he is superman like to beat him he has to be skrewed ,I hate when the do that , its the same reason I hated goldberg,

he has the worst move in wrestling the 5 knuckel shuffel ( worst move since the worm)

he cant rap but trys to push it all the time

he is over merchandised and marketed at kids who will fall for the superman thing

in my opinion

Answer #10

NO! I hear every week about how they hate him,your no different,keep it to yourself,I don’t care how you look at him,no deep down,he’s still awesome,I have had respect for him since he debuted and always will,I know everyone has their own opinions but it needs to stop,out of hand and so immature of you to make it known once again.

I am stressed about everything in life,but you are 2nd in line,don’t put him down if you can back your words up. He’s a Champ for the fans and well you,your just another hater in line like the rest of them.

What your doing is bull and you know it,so be quiet,let Cena live his life instead of you stopping him to trash him,not right and you KNOW it’s not! End of discussion!

Answer #11


someone is in a bad mood , hey maggot try answering my question will ya , your answer would have been , no , one word .

I dont see why you have to go on a personal attack because we differ in opinion , you just showed how insecure you are ,

I think deep down you agree with me that cena sucks , but you love him so the truth hurts ,

but hey man dont get stressed it just a difference of opinion so grow up and stop your whining because I asked a valid question .

Answer #12

Dude,nobody wants to hear you whine about a certain star. Your just jealous because he’s on the top and your NOT,if you were to say that to his face,you know dang well what will happen. STOP the whining about him,he’s a superstar like the rest. I’m sick and tired of people saying he sucks when he doesn’t. If you want to keep talking crap about it,say it to me and not in a question wasting valuable space on here.

The only person that sucks right now is YOU,sorry to say but it’s true,get over the fu*king jealousy and move on! It’s just television for freaks sake. I don’t care what you have to say about what I say but you should stop whining before someone makes you!

Raven Hart

Answer #13

brutis the barber beefcake mocho man randy savage jake the snake roberts

Answer #14

Ricky Steamboat all the way! Go Hulk Hogan! Dating myself, aren’t I? Lol

Answer #15

Na he dont suck but wee is buggin me out right now they pullin stupid stuff.

Answer #16

All I’m going to say is that your just a jealous S.O.B. and you need to move on,hate him all you want,he isn’t going anywhere.

Answer #17

I think wrestleings gay its all fake

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