John Cena vs Undertaker

who will win? I say Undertaker. wha do you guyz think?

Answer #1

the Undertaker gets to much publisity, Cenas gonna win.. hes fantasic. YOU CANT SEE HIM! =) and atleast cena trys.

Answer #2

Cena, yummy.

Answer #3

The Dead Man, out of Cena’s league :D

Answer #4

John Cena, he my boyfriends fav wrestler.=]

Answer #5

well first lets take a look back into their fued in 2003. undertaker won at vengence against cena when cena taunted him against the turnbuckle allowing undertaker to last ride him for the 3 count. this is when cena was heel (bad guy) and undertaker was the american badass biker. cena has advantages in speed and quickness. though cena used to have signature tactics to win matches such as his padlocked steel biker chain which he no longer uses. I believe if cena was the heel he would have a better shot at wining cause when he was heel, he played outside the rules taking every advantage possible. though his weakness was his arogance, which is barely expressed in his character today. undertaker however is much older than that last match. he has faced cena in 2003 old schoolvsnew school(won, 2004 smackdown (won by cheating) and in more recent years 2007 so on. if they ever did face again it would oviously be more washed down then in the past due to family friendly programming which I find ridiculious enough to be PG rated. due to that PG rating I see john cena coming on top winning no matter how much I’d hate to say that due to the fact he is the fan favorite and basically wins every damn match their is. but if cena was a heel, I would love for him to win cause he was more entertaining with his thuganomics gimmick which ended early 2005. the only way undertaker would win is if cena was the heel, which wont happen cause it hasnt happen in 7 years, Omg cena is long due for a gimmick/music/theme/heel turn.

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