Me and my girlfriend like grinding while making out. We usually are both wearing jeans. Can this hurt either of our genitals? Can I hurt her physically?

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I do that with my boyfriend I find it reallly nice it doesnt hurt at all
I guess it could hurt if you were to do it really hard :/

hope this helps

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Not really unless it is extremly hard. It is called dry humping and lots of people do it.

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yeah I think just dont push so hard and dont like get too 'into' it that you push her too much because it may hurt but it may feel good too. and sometimes girls associate sexual pain with it supposed to be good ! my friend used to think sex was SUPPOSED to be painful and touching and stuff in order to be pleasurable because she was taught tt by (omg) her MOM. lol your girlfriend prob knows better and if she's in pain, stop and find out why. just make sure you tell her its okay to stop you and say she's hurtung =D
otherwise, its totally good .lol

hey I said the question haha

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