Who would you rather date??

well between emo/rocker/ghetto/prep.
which one would you choose??
for me im into emo&&rockrs.
I cant help they look so hot in
skinny jeans and with lip piecersing.
huhh? huhh? pick hun!

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gaw, just how could someone say no to emo boys with their awesome hair/snakebites/eyeliner/skinny jeans and studded belt.
I know that I cant. haha

Alex Evans :) (he's the perfect example :))

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I guess I like rocker types. my boyfriend is a "rocker". they're really down to earth but sweet at the same time.

prep isn't that bad as well..as long as they're not TOO gay ;D

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I like dating any kind of guys like them...they are just to hot but I like mostly emo guys

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I guess rocker. I dont like emo boys because I dont like the skinny jeans. I also dont like my men to wear neon colors or pink. Ew.
Guys in girl pants just don't work for me.
I love a guy in tattoos and piercings though.

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yea I agree lol.

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