Iz 32b too small bra size 4 a 13yr old?

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no way! I'm thirteen and I only have 32A's your lucky- my 18 year old sister has 34B's so be happy with what uve got

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I'm 13 years old and I wear a 32 B. And My friends boobs are smaller than mine so its not too small of a bra size ()

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no its nt . am 13 an am a 32b. it normi

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wow must be nice
I have 34 A's and im 14

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oh nooo wayy.
when I was 13 I was barely an A.
now im sixteen and like a 34B or 32 C..
your lucky.

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noo urs arent 2 big at all im 13 and im a 36B cup

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when I was 13 I was 34b I just turned 14 and now im a 34d :)

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Nahh,thatss goood, I was a 32b at your age now im 16 and a heavy E cup

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13 , & I have frikin 32A's >:| lucky !

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no Im almost fifteen and mine arent that big

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nope lol I have a 15 years old friend and she have 34 b

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am 16 and I just have a super sexy boobs of 32b...

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no im 13 and datz mii size 34b and a lot of girls in mii class are still a'z

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