What bra size do you wear? (for 20 years old girls)

For all you girls out there that are 20 years old, which bras size do you wear?

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I'm only 18 mate, but Isort of fit into a 28DD/E but should be wearing (if they existed) a 26E/ 26F.

Hopefully the bust doesn't grow, but I get fatter as I turn 20 so they fit with my body...

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I was 20 once and my bras are the same size...36 c...like how everyone just disregards the "for 20 year olds request?" :)

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38 c and they're real lol

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Before I answer, why do you want to know?

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I'll be twenty in a few months, and I've got 34Ds.

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28E (it's a real size, and yes they look really normal, like a c cup)

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