Isnt this amazing

Everday I wake up and look in the mirror
All I see is sadness and my own fear
But I dont see madness or own tears
I see a life of a true young man
Thats trying to make it wit no hands
I see me as a better person or at least I try to
I look to hard but theres nothing new
Everyday is a struggle for the life of thee
You dont see thought in the brains of me
You dont see the darkness all around me
As I pray to the lord down on my knees
I see demons and hell on this earth
New lives ahead as come new births
Its time for us to settle and make a new life
Like barack obama trying to help us right
We dont see how gifted we are
As children in africa die every minute
As we look at our beautiful stars
Everybody is going to have to reunite
When fait comes down to the end tonite

Angels from above shall prevail
As we makin it through modern hell
As we live our lives in glory tonight
As our soldiers go over the country to fight
We just run steal from our own country
Thug life huh your not tupac buddy
See us rappin bout stupid sh**
No more rappin bout lollipop licks

: im not done yet
We all need to open our eyes
Look at the homeless in boxes tonite
You get to sleep in a comfy bed
Look at the people that got no head
We see people runnin from tha cops
Comin now there just doin there jobs
If we were doin what was right
I think god wouldve forgivin us every night
Put your head up and quit bit**en
If someone gets caught doesnt mean start snitchin
Just use your head its common fuc*in sense
This dont mean change from a g' to a gent
We need to understand we only get one shot
If you somethin bad just dont get caught
Everyday is a day of our lives
We just got to get through
And end in the night

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Yes it is. I enjoyed it!

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Good one!!!

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