Why aren't cigarettes categorized as a drug like marijuana, meth, etc?

Answer #1

Cigarettes are a drug, just not an illegal one. Alcohol, caffeine, and even sugar are all considered dr.ugs, not to mention all the over the counter dr.ugs you get for a headache, upset stomach or anything like that. As for why cigarettes are legal while marijuana is not, I can’t answer that.

Answer #2

every thing which has a kick/ high. considered as drug. but as my fnd has stated it they are legally accepted and few are not legal

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Answer #3

Marijuana gained popularity during the hippie counterculture of the 1960’s and has always been associated with a subversive element of society. Tobacco has been grown by conservative Southern farmers. The FDA has made efforts to increase its power to regulate tobacco. The FDA’s argument is that the tobacco industry has been manipulating the amount of nicotine smokers get from cigarettes by design and choice of tobacco therefore cigarettes are simply a nicotine delivery system that can be regulated like any medical device. Ignoring the draconian laws against marijuana, tobacco and alcohol has ruined far more lives than marijuana has. Meth is a totally different story. methamphetamine is one of the most dangerous and addictive recreational substances out there. Recreational users can quickly become addicted and meth is so hard on the body and difficult to quit that it quickly ruins people’s lives if it doesn’t kill them.

Answer #4

weed isnt a drug

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