Is a good place to find an agent?

The first thing that I read while surfing through the search engines about good realtors was this site called “”. It seemed like a good place to find a real estate agent to buy a home in California, but there are so many agents that are here advertising anyways. Is it better to use a site like this or should I find somewhere else to get a good real estate agent referral?

Answer #1

you know what a good real estae agent will know what you looking for and what area you are focousing on they dont try to make you buy somthing you cant tell if some one is good from there looks you have to talk to them and fell them because there are a lot of realtors out there who try to get you some thing that you dont want

Answer #2

It’s also a good idea to get recommendations from people who’ve used an agent. While not being able to recommend a specific agent, you might find some recommendations on

Answer #3

Make sure you use a Realtor, there are many real estate agents that are great, but for the same rate you can get a person that is held to a code of ethics. When meeting with agents, remember, when they show you a property, and you decide you want the property but do not want to use that agent, they have procuring cause. So make sure you see homes that are with the realtor that you want to work with.

Answer #4

Purchasing real estate will more than likely be the biggest purchase of your life. You mst be very careful in your decision process and make the right decisions at the right times for you and your needs. Sites like are becoming more and more of a popular medium as the internet is becoming a staple of the American household. While you can be sure to find somebody who is more than willing to work with you and receive your business, it is key to find the right person who will work WITH you to find exactly what you want/need and that you can feel comfortable doing business with. I would research multiple reators and sit down with a few that you come across untill you find that person that really clicks with you and shows you not necessarily what you want to see, but what you need to see.

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