Most popular sports?

Since nascar is the most popular sport what is the second?

Answer #1

well yea I think in the US football and baseball are the most popular and cage fighting in general too. counting the WEC and the UFC. then in the whole world, I’ll probably say soccer and rugby.

Answer #2

Lets see first of all Nascar is a bunch of boring old cars running some boring old races in some boring old stadium. Honestly what I believe is the best sport besides your little boring little bumper cars is football okay. So dont bring out that little thing you call a sport which I dont believe is a sport cause honestly its boring extremely boring. If you had to get me to watch some racing I would die watching it so srry guy who ask that dum little question honestly on a scale from 1 to 10 racing wouldnt make it anywhere. My list off goods Sports

Top 5 1.Football 2.UFC 3.Pro Wrestling 4.Basketball (which in gods name I really hate as well but your lucky it made it)

So, next time guy please dont ask a dum question like that one cause football is Number 1!!!

Answer #3

Depends really..across the world? In the US?

I’m not quite sure Nascar is the most popular sport. I’ve never even head of it…what is it??

Answer #4

I think football

Answer #5

The most popular sport in the world I soccer..

Answer #6

I don’t know but I dont watch nascar im into football it’s sooo awesome, but I wished the patriots won the super bowl :(

Answer #7

who said nascar is the most popular sport? I love Nascar.. just wondering though.

Answer #8

I don’t think so that nascar is the most popular sport in the world but I think Football, baseball, basketball, tennis are most popular sports in the whole world and one more thing that lots of people are crazy about them.

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