Is my dog sick?

My dog has had diarhea for a couple days now I thought it was from putting a raw egg in his food (I heard it was good for his coat) but I stopped giving him the eggs and he still has diarhea…Should I start worring could something bad be wronge with him please give me any advice that you know?

Answer #1

Yes doglvr, you see it could be many of things and you need to watch how much of these med’s you are giving him. We can not tell you what is wrong, as you see it could be anything and if we tell you something that is not right it could make him worse. Magichalo is recommeding right things but based on your dogs weight and the mls of the med’s. there is a recommed dose. If you give to much you may add to his problem Please take him to the vet and let us know how he is doing. If he is still young and has not had all of his vaccines yet, his immunity might not be stong enough. My dogs have gotten into a neighbors trash pill and ate all kinds of crazy stuff and did not have any of these signs, Oh except of peeing orange from the sweet potatoes they ate. He needs a doctor to see him. I know money is always tuff but you would not do this to a two yr old baby. do what is right.

Answer #2

You probably should have only added part of the egg into his food, the first day, part the second…until his system got accustomed to a strange food…However, it could just be a coincidence…dogs eat strange things on a daily basis, and we only catch them about half the time.

Put him on bland diet of boiled rice and hamberger (just use instant rice, and boil some raw hamger in with it) for a couple of days, then start adding a little dog food on the third day. Also, get some Immodium to calm his gut down. It’s the best over the counter anti-diarreal for dogs. ONLY ONE PILL every 12 hours…it will make him a little sleepy, so don’t be alarmed by that…

If this doesn’t work in 3 days, go to the vet…they will give you some Flagyl…it’s an antibiotic for the gut, and will calm his guts down in just a couple of days.

I highly doubt he has any kind of food poisoning such samonilla…


Answer #3

It sounds like your dog has a mild upset stomach, which was probably caused by the raw egg. The best thing to do is provide your dog with plenty of water to flush the bad stuff out of his system and keep feeding him the food he’s used to. My sister’s dog was once given scrambled egg because he was a bit unwell. It did help him back to health. If you’re still keen on giving egg to your dog, try scrambled egg. But don’t give him too much, as it could be harmful because of the high amounts of protein and cholesterol. Hopefully with the right care, your dog will be as healthy as he ever was.

Answer #4

also just read that this symptons can be from me giving him rawhides?

Answer #5

no your dog is not sick but it is because of the egg. eggs are good for them but it has to b cooked. raw eggs will go right throught them and make there poop all watery

Answer #6

yes feeding your dog raw egg is good for theyr coat thats why the dog is having the runs so he can get rid of all the badness that he could be carrying (BUT DO NOT FEED HIM TO MANY EGGS A WEEK AS IT WILL ADVENCHALY KILL HIM YOU CAN FEED HIM AN EGG AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK)

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Answer #8

uh ok, the egg probably had salmonella, if it hasnt stopped after a few days you should probably go to the vet, the dog has food poisoning… (and uhm dont feed it weird things… really… not smart)

Answer #9

It could be many things. Did you switch his food to fast, instead of mixing it then changing it? How old is your dog? Is it up to date on vaccines. But the best advice would be to take your dog to vet and get the right answers.

Answer #10

Thanks to everybody for the advice my baby is doing great today I was going to take him to the vet today but he is eatting and drinking and holding it down I gave him some pepto bismol last night and gave him a lil bit of water and he actually held it down after that he has been great he is playing and being his old self so far no diarrhea or throwing up he is not looking sad anymore so I am extremely happy! thank you all!

Answer #11

My dog is puking now. My husband said he has been mixing his old food with a new brand of food. His stool isnt bloody but watery and he is just laying around he still follows me around everywhere but he just lays down beside me and goes to sleep if he is not better by tommorow then im going to take him to the vet but is there anything anyone could reccomend that is wronge with him or anything I can do to comfort him? I had gave him two raw eggs last week would that have made him sick from giving him to much? he is always licking the ground everywhere in my house and the ground outside. My husband was also sick with diarrhea this past week and I have caught my dog drinking out of the toilet couldve he caught the virus from my husband?

Answer #12

ok Now you said it smells really bad. I work at a vet hospital and first sign thing that comes to mind if dog is young and very smeally loose stool would put up a red flag on parvo. I would not feed my dog raw egg, I do feed my dogs Nutro, good choice. and I give them Derma caps for their coat. It is a fatty acid supplement. You can try the bland diet and everything else but unless your do had a 3 to 4 booster vaccines that it should have had a 8, 12, 16, 19 weeks old then I would go to a vet. Bad smelling and bloody diarhea, this is treatable as long as it is caught in time. We had a young one come in and when the owner finally called us to give us the ok, his dog had passed. Good luck,

Answer #13

Your dog needs to go to the Vet. He will maybe need some meds to get over what is making him sick. But right now you have got to get this dog to stop vomiting and stop his runs so that he does not dehydrate. I am not sure how much your dog weighs? I would start with 1cc (teaspoon) of keopatate. Or Maaloxs. If you only have Pepto use it but it is the last choice, but will work. Your dog needs Pediolite. If you can’t get this right away get Gatoraid and hydrate your dog fast.

I would not give your dog anything but dry dog food that is high protein.

Answer #14

I havent switched his foods and he is only 11 months old and he is pretty much up to date on his shots…He has had this problem before but not this long and not this bad and it smells horrible…Is there anything I can feed him to get rid of it?

Answer #15

Hmmm if your worried maybe take him to an animal vet or hospital but I’m sure a dog having diarhea is normal just not common maybe your feeding him wrong foods other than eggs… or maybe the eggs are still affecting him… I don’t know…?

Answer #16

Oh and he has had all of his shots that he has needed so far not due for no more right now/

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