Possible for a 13 year old girl to lose weight in a month?

Is it possible for a 13 year old girl to lose weight and become thin in weeks or one month maximum??

Answer #1

don’t have you friend do what babeeyyblonde said because when you starve urself you can get very sick from it. so make sure she doesn’t do that because I know someone who did that and they went to the hospital because they were so sick. if we were supposed to starve ourselves then we wouldn’t have food.

Answer #2

but, its a survival thing from our ancestors, if you do it right and starve urself just the right amount ull lose a lot of weight and feel good about urself. as much as you can.

Answer #3

its possible as long as she eats veggies and fruits she can also eat want she wants but in a moderation no soda or juice just water and 20 min of exercise

Answer #4

hey im 13 years old and I weight 139/140 pounds. I have the same issues you people do like when I go to da store I have to buy in adult sections tooi hate it what should I do

Answer #5

I know How You Feel. I dont Think im ugly, I just think im fat. when I go into shops I have to shop in the adult section… I feel really embarrest when I go to the counter to pay. I’ve said to myself time and time again “im going to loose weight, im going on a diet tomorrow” but I forget and stuff myseelf silly the next day I weigh 9 Stone and have stretch marks on my hips and upper legs. I just want to be skinny without looking unhealthy !! someone please help me.

Answer #6

yeh, starve your self you wont die and you will lose loads of weight, only weak people eat, strong people dont! x

Answer #7

well you know for me its different and nun of you should say bad words its realy bad anyway im 13 and I have to agree wit most of you tat you have to have a sport and should exercise 2 but you also got to have some fun at least in a week you can sit on a couch and eat junk food cant u ? my mother told me tat if keep on foucusing on losing weight your never going to lose it u’ve got b free once you grow older you can start thinking about losing weight and all but not now u’ve got to foucus on other things if you help around your house once in a while you might lose some weight but tats not the important thing the important thing is you people have to live your lifes what you have right now is called baby fat when your 17 or older it will start to go as you stick wit your daily routines of exercising and all te sports you do by ta time you finish college your belly fat wont even b there so thing about it are you going waste your teenage life obbsessing about weight ? and I also add tat im not a thin person sure I sit around the house and everthing but I get up and work . everyday I go to school I c my friend shes like amazinly thin and its not because of what she eats its because of her familys gens so next time you c your friend or celebs or any person you thing is thin it may not b for what he or she eats the possible reasons : gens , diet pills etc etc … so next time you want to lose weight put it aside and later as you grow up you probely wont notice but all tat fat youve been obbessing about will b gone ok so tink bout it

Answer #8

im 12 and struggling with my weight. I weigh 130 and im 4’11. most my fat is on my stomach and calfs…jiggly :(…anyway I get SOOO upset when im shopping because nothing fits me…I usually have to shop in womens or xtra teens… I feel SOO embarresed..usually when I look at myself I think that my face is perfect but when I slowly look down I start to tear up…I dont understand how to lose weight quickly…I mean I would weigh myslef and it got bigger and bigger and bigger(the numbers)… I actually rode my bike for 4 miles every otha day but neva changed…I can confess im a sneak…I hardly eat breakfast or lunch except on tuesday and thursay…dinner im big about…but the snacks are killing me…hahaha ill be stuffing cupcakes in my mouth if no ones in the house…please help me if you can give me advice on controlling myself…I want to look good to impress you know who :*…

Answer #9

but she doesn’t look fat at all!!! __height like me (163,7) if you see her you’ll think she weighs in 60’s!! ya it’s because she’s tall (it’s not showing) but she’s fine with how she looks!! but when she wears something tight you’d rather look at yourself in the mirror instead of looking at her!!

Answer #10

If she’s that heavy at 13, she should see a doctor. There’s more problems going on here than overeating. She is probably very unhappy with herself. The faster she loses it, the faster she will gain it back. She needs to lower her calories and increase her activities.

Answer #11

It’s not advisable because your body is still growing. During puberty you might weigh a few extra pounds, but by the time you get to 15 or 16, your body is more like a woman’s body and the puppy fat, if any, will be gone. Don’t try to lose weight at this age.

Answer #12

yeah its possible for a 13 yeah old girl to lose weight in a month. I am 13 and I lost 10 pounds in one month. I started being more active. I ride horses every other dayy and I play school soccer. I also ddrink toonns of water all the time. and I eat a slad for dinner every night and I dont eat snacks. I sometimes eat slads for lunch too. so just eat less and eat better and drink tonnss of water and take a walk once in a while.

Answer #13

well everyone who said you need to starve yourselves, yall need to shut da f*ck up im thirteen and a cheerleader, without food, I would pass out during practice,(I know, its happened to me before). personally I think all teens need to grab a sport or hobby that they love to do and just do it. that way you wouldn’t sit your chunky asses on the couch and just gain weight. no one should starve theirselves because it slows down your metabolism and when your metabolism is slow, any little thing that you eat could make you gain weight. the best thing to do to lose weight is to EXERCISE AND EAT RIGHT!!! DUH YOU DUMB FUCS

Answer #14

im 12 im 5’8 and 170 lbss. I feel horible, all mt frieds are short small and SKINNNY, I know I will never be as small as them , but id like to loose some weigt..any tips?

Answer #15

why? and I said a 13 year old girl!! (she’s my friend) she weighs 88,7 !!’ and mom told me she could but I can’t believe it!

Answer #16

I am 13 and I weight 210. I’m in cheerleadin and it don;t help please if you know please tell me!!!

Answer #17

im 13 years old and I get teased a lot by my parents that im fat , and I have stretch marks,I have them on both legs and I itch them because there very itchy my mum told me not to touch it but I do.and my mym says im over weighted because im 59.74 and I wanna loose all my fat really fast. I do eat a lot at home like 2 BIG meals aafter school then I dont eat the rest of the day , but I still eat at schoo sometimes.and sometie I got to skip but I get tired really fast and I feel bad about my self that im not healthy . please help meh

Answer #18

if so please tell me I hate the way I look I am 12 I weigh 142 lbs and I an 5 feet 4 inches should I lose 30 pounds? more less tell me what you think!!!

Answer #19

do they have weight programs for teen girls that weight 130-140

Answer #20

Omg, your mum is a b*tch to you, isn’t she. You must not be fat because I weigh in my 60’s and people say I am normal, since your smaller than me your weigh little! Ok, don’t listen to your perants if ur like in ur 80’s, you would be fat. But, your growing, like me, I am 13 aswell, so u will lose that ‘puppy fat’ and ge thin and people at school and shit will not tease you, so ur lucky, and seriously, forget them. ♥ xx

Answer #21

Hmm, ok. I might sound a bit bitchy but, ur short. Hmm, how do I explain: I have a “friend” at school and she calls herself fat, I say she’s not on the fat side but, compared to be she is, uhm, I weigh in my 60’s=kg’s. So, it’s hard to lose weight, u willl just be putting it on again. Like for example, u eat nothing all day and then eat dnner, the callories that u had a dinner will store because it wil think ur going to starve urself for along time and the next day if u eat lots, half of that will also be stored, but a good way to keep it locked out, is exercise, if u have no time to do it, do it at lunch time at school, likr play handball, run play footbal with the boys. =D ♥ Byee. xx

Answer #22

Hey I’m also 13 and I also think I’m fat but my mum is always sayin I’m not I think she’s saying it because she’s my mum I wanna lose weight quick and without exercising 2 much

Answer #23

Hey I’m also 13 and I also think I’m fat but my mum is always sayin I’m not I think she’s saying it because she’s my mum I wanna lose weight quick and without exercising 2 much

Answer #24

Hey I’m also 13 and I also think I’m fat but my mum is always sayin I’m not I think she’s saying it because she’s my mum I wanna lose weight quick and without exercising 2 much

Answer #25

Hey I’m also 13 and I also think I’m fat but my mum is always sayin I’m not I think she’s saying it because she’s my mum I wanna lose weight quick and without exercising 2 much

Answer #26

Hey I’m also 13 and I also think I’m fat but my mum is always sayin I’m not I think she’s saying it because she’s my mum I wanna lose weight quick and without exercising 2 much

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