Is it healthy to drink raw eggs?

Is it healthy to eat / drink raw eggs? Just wondering, because if it’s alright I might try it. Only if its healthy though.

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I found this on

Avoid the “S” word: salmonella. Fresh eggs may contain the bacteria Salmonella enteritidis. Although S. enteritidis affects a very small number of eggs, it’s still wise to refrain from eating raw or undercooked eggs. The salmonella tends to be found in the yolk of the egg, according to researchers. But it’s possible for it to be in raw egg whites, so it’s best to avoid both. Pick pasteurized. If you want to make a recipe that calls for raw beaten eggs or egg whites, fear not! You have a few options here. Egg substitutes are pasteurized, which means they’re rapidly heated at a certain temperature for a certain amount of time to destroy any salmonella. Dried egg whites are pasteurized by being heat-treated in their dried form. Pasteurized whole eggs are also available at some supermarkets.

Keep ‘em cool. Salmonella bacteria multiply quickly at room temperature. So make sure the eggs you buy are well refrigerated at the store. Then put them in your refrigerator as soon as you get home.

Don’t store them in the door. I know some refrigerator doors are designed with a special place to keep your eggs. But guess what? According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the best way to store your eggs is to leave them in the carton they came in and keep them in the coldest part of your refrigerator (which is not the door!), set at 40 degrees or slightly below.

You’ve got three to five weeks. It’s tempting to stock up on eggs when your market has a two-for-one sale on those 18-egg cartons. But unless you’re making egg salad for a potluck or planning an egg-dyeing marathon, you might want to stick to the 12-egg option. According to government guidelines, it’s best to use raw eggs in three to five weeks (check the purchase-by date on the carton for more precise information).

Hope this helps !!

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From the latest research I have done (and I am always staying up to date on health foods and exercise) eating eggs raw is by far much more nutritional than cooking them although unfortunately they don’t taste as good :(

I personally have only come across one rotten egg in my entire life (I am 47)

  1. Make sure you always smell them first after cracking them open.
  2. If they look runny or just don’t look right don’t risk it.
  3. Only eat organic or all natural cage free eggs raw.
  4. Make sure you don’t have allergy issues with eggs.

If you are not used to eating raw eggs (especially the yolks) it may be a good idea to ease into it slowly ( a small amount at a time) and gradually increase the amount daily as you go along.

I have been eating them raw for years now. I am truly amazed at how many people still think eating raw eggs are unhealthy and/or unsafe. Almost any kind of food can be dangerous if you aren’t careful and don’t use common sense according to the type of food you are dealing with (e.g. Milk, meats, etc).

I used to choke them down but now I throw them in my smoothie. Tastes fantastic! Throw a little whey in there and you get around 30-40 grams of protein (2 eggs).

My SUPER smoothie consists of the following (My first meal of every day)

1/2 cup of frozen Blueberries 1 TBL Organic Barley Grass 3-4 TBL plain non flavored (no fillers) Whey Concentrate 2 Cage Free raw eggs 1 TBL Organic Flax Seed 1 Tsp Organic Cacao powder 1 smidget of Stevia (Kal brand only!) 1 Pinch of Sea Salt 1/2 cup Clean filtered water (approx)

And for really hungry mornings I’ll have a small bowl of hand milled/flaked Oat Groats after the smoothie with a little Xylitol, Stevia and Sea Salt (and water of course).

Man there’s nothing like eating right :)

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eggs are very high carb, carbs being what fuels your muscles. drinking RAW EGGS just give you More Energy, and most Protein Powders are made-up of eggs.

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IT IS IF YOU drink it IMMEDIATLY after you crack them in a cup. It has a lot of protein. It is actually what roman gladiators ate.

Answer #5

Eating too many eggs in general especially raw eggs can raise your cholesterol level tremendously.

Answer #6

eggs have the highest protien of almost any food which=more muscle. I would say their ok to drink , but only if your a body builder or work a out a lot and need the extra protien in your diet.

Answer #7

it’s OK to eat the whites, or clear part raw. athletes put them in a blender with milk or protein and make a shake

Answer #8

I have no idea.. I know you can get sick from handling raw eggs if you’re not careful. Same with handling raw meat, especially chicken and pork. Plus it sounds absolutely disgusting. Why do you want to do that?

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Depends, you are most likely to get salmonella from duck eggs, so it would be wise to avoid duck eggs, though chicken eggs are less likely to be infected. Consumed in moderation I suppose its probably fine, though I’ve never tried it before, and I don’t plan to, but maybe do some reasearch and get the statistics and facts.

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We had chickens until we moved house and we ate their eggs raw - things like mayonaise and egg nog, home made Baileys and milk shakes. (egg nog, yum!) We even eat our steak raw, I don’t know, I just like it raw. I was just wondering if shop eggs were safe, but this really helped, thanks! Maybe i’ll just cook my eggs..

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There’s nothing wrong with eating raw eggs. There are very, very, very little cases of people getting salmanila from eating raw eggs. This is one of the easiest ways to get great protein intake. It’s a lot easier to drink them in the morning before you workout. Great pre workout snack.

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I don’t know if xiigzag’s figure of 1 in 30,000 is correct but I do know that I grew up eating raw eggs. Home made Eggnog on holidays with raw eggs and raw eggs in homemade mayonaise. I only occasionally eat eggs now but when I do I like poached eggs that are still runny. When I’m traveling and ordering breakfast I order my eggs that way and promise not to sue them if I get sick but so far it hasn’t been a problem.

It is a good precaution to look over your egg well; if there is a crack or thin spot in the shell use the egg in a cooked dish rather than eating it raw.

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Only 1 in 30,000 eggs contains salmonella, according to the Agriculture Department (outdated) report. I must have been lucky so far, or maybe I just have a strong stomach. chocolate milk + raw yolk egg = happy Xiig

On the other hand, there’s no point in eating your white egg raw. It tastes nasty, and excessive proteins never help your body, sorry.

In conclusion: all foods are healthy if consumed in moderation. It’s safe to eat/drink raw eggs, but there are no special benefits.

Answer #16

Dear tatcat8, Never drink raw eggs…salmonella can be life threatening for some. Doctors say that the 24 hour flu is a fallacy as is mostly food poisoning and upset systems due to tainted eggs, meat and vegetables that have exceeded their dates or have been spoiled. There had even been reports of salmonella from eating cookie dough with raw eggs and murange ( the white stuff ontop of lemon pies) Sue…good luck

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