Is it bad when interracial couples have children?

Okay, before I ask this question, Let me tell you that I AM NOT BEING RACIAL! This is a serious question. Do you think it is bad if two people who are two seperate races(african american and caucasion-white-) get married/have a baby? Yes I think it is because in the bible it says for there to be lamb with lamb, horses with horses, ect– and no this has nothing to do with me! lol

Answer #1

I think you’re taking that to a whole different level. If you think about what you’re saying and how you’re translating the scripture, then we should lay with our immediate family members. Now, if we were to do that what would happen? Yep. And incest is considered a sin in The Bible. For that very reason you have to know that your take on this isn’t really what He meant, no offense. Humans are a breed. Africans, Asians, Hispanics, Europeans are not a breed. They are from different continents, but are of the same “breed”. Native Africans are black because they are from Africa. Native Europeans are white because they are from Europe. A lamb that was born and bred in Europe can mate with another that was born and bred in America and it can still be OK. Some people tend to try too hard to figure out what God is saying and this is what happens. Don’t take things so literally. I believe all He means is to not screw with nature and try to be a god and make your own types of animals…by the way, too late for mankind. We’ve done that with dogs and cats already.

Answer #2

yup zebra! I think it is sick not that im racist but shouldnt white go with whites and black with blacks… and men with woman!!! Not woman wit woman and men with men!!!

Answer #3

lalala srry but you are seriously misinformed. Back during the days of Jesus their were no white nor black Christians. They were of a middle toned skin similar to that of modern day arabs. Just look at the depictions of people around that time found in the hieroglyphics in Kemit.

Answer #4

No, it’s not bad. Further, your understanding of biology is flawed. Blacks and whites are the same race (aka species). People mistakenly use the word ‘race’ to refer to ethnicity, because such usage originates from the days of slavery when it was claimed that blacks were a different ‘race’ to justify the institution.

Answer #5

Black people weren’t around because of evolution??? Fossil evidence proves that all people today are descendant
from Africans. NO IT’S NOT BAD. Who cares if people who fall in love are two different races???Who cares about the bible??? PATHETIC INDIVIDUALS.

Answer #6

that bible thing was about animals I think like for instance a human cant have sex with a deer and stuff and I think it’s perfectly ok for diff races to get married and have children because humans are all the same kinda animal anyway :)

Answer #7

no its not bad couse my uncle is spanish and got married with a filipino women but its true in the bible it douse say that but if you love each other than do what you have to do

Answer #8

With the whole “lamb with lamb” thing - you can get black lambs/sheep just as you can get white lambs/sheep. Black lambs and white lambs aren’t different species (unlike a Horse and a Zebra). Genetically (from a human survival perspective) inter-racial couples having children is better than same-race couples. From a personal point of view, no I don’t think there is anything wrong with it in the slightest bit.

Answer #9

okay just stop answering.

Answer #10

^yeah she is. I’m not racial so please nobody attack me, but I think when whoever wrote the bible, black people eitheir were not around, (evolution) or lived on another part on the planet. Though, we humans have not accepted different people all through time, so mabie the people who wrote the bible were just avoiding african americans. Anyways, at this time in age, no I don’t. I think it all depends on love. <3

Answer #11

It is very difficult for races to mix. As it is not accepted by most in society. Each race has its own culture, and these clash, sometimes dramatically. A person deciding to do this has to be ready to face all the things that will be encountered as a result of their choices. Marriage is at times difficult enough, without adding extra burdens to it. I think that the differences are mainly due to what is experienced here on earth. God does not see colors, or races, he sees human beings, made in his image. We are spirit beings, and we live in a body. He is not concerned about what color our body is, he does care about what we think, believe, say and do. He does not want us to marry unbelievers, because they can bring us down, not lift us up, making life much more difficult, and perhaps detering a Christian from their walk altogether.

Answer #12

I think its wrong my mom calls it “zebra”

Answer #13

No its not wrong, through Gods eyes there is no color,so it is not wrong at all. hope that I help you

Answer #14

Are you meaning two people to get married that are of a different race?

Answer #15

Take it to the extreme if you want to know whether it’s good or bad.

Inbreeding creates the village idiot. The more similar you are, genetically, to the father of your child, the weaker the offspring. Crossbreeding is healthier. Those are both ends of the spectrum of course, but you can see which one will keep the human race going. Eventually we will all be pale brown. lol. 400 years? interesting thought? other oprinions?

Answer #16

we live in a tough, cruel world. it is extremely hard to find your “soul mate”.
so when a person finds someone (anyone) to love, we should rejoice. race, religion, gender…nothing matters except a true love between humans. and to refer to an innocent child as an animal is wrong, cold, cruel , insensitive and judgmental.

Answer #17

first of all… I dont think there is any such thing as race… just skin color. different people happen to have different amounts of melanin. It’s genetics, therefore… if a person will dark skin has a baby with a dark skinned person, they will have a dark skinned baby, just because that will be the dominant trait. It’ just like dwarfism… they can’t have “normal” sized babies and “dwarf” babies. I don’t believe in evolution. If you wait around long enough and a set of caucasians kept having children continuously.. they could eventually have a colored baby.. but a majority of them would still be white. My sisters is married to a black guy and I don’t think it’s unbiblical at all. We are all the same, it’s just the color of the skin that is different.

Answer #18

Seriously, maxipoo?

Answer #19

First of all why ask that. second im pretty sure your evidence that supports what you believe may refer to bestiality.

Answer #20

Oh wow! That was kind of weird to read that. My mom is white and my dad is black. Theres nothing wrong with it… Dark skinned people are the same as white skinned people. Its just the skin thats different… We all think and feel dont we?

Answer #21

If you look at the church in Antioch (in the book of Acts) you’ll see that the Christians there were African, Jewish, Greek and Roman. (Which means they were black, white and middle-eastern, if you think about it.) They were as diverse racially as it was possible to be in those days. The Christian faith has always been about God’s relationship with Humanity, not with a particular race. As humans who love Jesus, we are seen as one in Christ. There is absolutely no issue with people of different races getting married, having children etc. I go to an international church which is full of different people with many mixed-race couples and children. It’s a great picture of God’s kingdom.

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