Is he too old for training?

I have a 2 year old pit bull. He’s very territorial. He will bite you if you walk into the house and he doesnt know you. Other than that he’s a very sweet dog. Others seem to think that he just need to go to training school. I dont think it will work because of how old he already is. Plus, He’s always around 3 little dogs and when they bark at home he will go crazy. He has bit me before and I’m always around him. He was never like this until the neighbors grandson came into the yard and was taunting him. My pit broke off his chain and bit the boy. After all was done the grandparents shot my pit and another on of my dogs with bird shots. Ever since then he has been this way. Is he too old to go threw training school or would it be a waste of money?

Answer #1

Ok you have not told us if he is neutered? This makes a big difference in a male dog.

Two, he needs his space away from the little dogs. Don’t you need space sometimes? Does he have his own Crate he can get into and be left alone if he wants? Little dogs, heck dogs period are very busy getting into each others things and stealing each others treats, blankets and toys. Turn this around and think about how you would feel if nothing you had was ever safe from others and you never had a moments peace.

Crates are a good thing. You are not neglecting your dog if you crate him at night and for naps or time outs or if you are going to be gone. (I never leave my dogs in the yard if I am going to be gone, to many things can happen) They are crated. This is a safe place for your dog. Of course do not leave your dog in his crate for long periods of time, use your head and know what is acceptable periods. When he wants out let him out.

It is even good to shut his gate on the crate and let him have some peace and quiet and know that the others will not be able to bother him. Not little dogs or bad boys.

Dogs any dogs especially Pit Bulls, German Shepards, Boxers, heck NO DOG SHOULD EVER BE CHAINED IT MAKES THEM MEAN AND TERRITORIAL! I was taught this from a child with hounds. I mean the first thing that was done was to get the hounds pens built and off chains, ASAP whenever we moved. Mom and girls (except me) would be unpacking and Dad and I and the boys would be building the dog pens.

Never chain a Pit Bull. The pictures you see of a Pit Dog on a chain is because that is what makes them mean. Some of these dogs don’t even turn on MEAN until the chain is snapped on them. Our hounds did the same thing except it was time to hunt when a chain was snapped to the collar, or lead whatever you want to call it. It is a signal. A Pit Bull is wired to become territorial on a chain, he also goes into anger mode.

Ok off the chain lecture. Training is a MUST if you have a PIT and he is never too old. This dog needs an outlet. Also walks and runs. How about Agility classes. You need to relieve some of this dog’s stress and take some time to train him. This Dog is of course NOT TO FAR GONE! It is we as people that give up on the dog and let go and that is not fair.

Also he needs lot so love and massages, yes you heard me you need to massage the muscles on this dog until he melts and relaxes. Do it in a counter clockwise motion and get the tension out of his body.

Do not rough house with the dog, this is not play, only controlled training like Agility and walking and running.

You must know your BREED! Be Smart. Be an educated Dog owner that knows the facts, not a wimpy hearted idiot that doesn’t know what they are talking about when it comes to their dog.

How many good training books on dogs have you read this year? How many Pit Bull Books have you read? Go to your library and start checking out books, not internet search. The articles are too short. Go get the books. Study your breed and SAVE YOUR DOG BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! YOU STILL HAVE TIME!

Good Luck!

Answer #2

Get those books and the library even has video and CD’s on Dog training. But start learning all you can about your dog. Sounds like he needs out of that situation before there is a major problem. But since he is in it for while. Do get him into classes and on an exercise schedule. Use the crate too

Your welcome, get your boyfriend to read the information you have found

Answer #3

no hes not to old

Answer #4

well its all thats going on about pits which im against because its how you train them or how peopletreat them,well I have 4 dogs and 3 of them are pitbulls and just like yours,if they dont know a person htey might attack because they are trying to protect you,and his acting more mean because of that boy and the grandparents should of never shot it,its the little boy`s fault he attack and shooting it can make even more aggresive.

Answer #5

My dog does have a crate. And we normally walk him on a leash but, he sometimes gets put outside to get some air. As of right now we are investing in a fence to get the whole back yard so he can run. It’s technically my boyfriends dog but, He wants to breed him before he gets him neutered. At this point he still lives with his parents and they are the ones with the little dogs. When they bark or anything and get my pit all excited they dont do anything about it besides yell. It’s a very unstable house for the pit bull I think. Anyways Thank you for all the information It was very helpful

Answer #6

well pits are very smart dogs and hes a baby I put my dog in training at the age of 3 she did awesome! if you are tying a dog that is a really bad idea because they get the idea of its their property and become extrememly territorial and bite my springer had done this…if you want to stop him from biting get him off a line and walk him. Does he play bite? and he is not to old all you have 2 do is try good luck!!

Answer #7

um… well I think you should give it a try. and when he does sumting bad, since hes kind of agressive, I suggest putting him in a kennel or out side for a while. dogs dont like kennels when there locked so after a while they normally get the point. I have a chihuahua. she was 2 years old when we started doin that and it worked.

but if hes spazin out when you try to put him in a kennel and you think he mite bite u, then I suggest you stick him outside. because you dont want to hit him or hurt him when he does sumthin bad because theres a good chance hell turn on you and really hurt u.

well I hope this helps

Answer #8

I’ve got a pitbull and mines fine, its usually the way you bring it up and the way you treat it.

Answer #9

I had a dog thet was 5 and I still trained it so that anserss your question

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