Obama says Jesus Christ is not the only way to heaven?

To the Christians here: Obama claims to be a Christian, yet he proclaims that Jesus Christ is not the only WAY to Heaven - Is he right or is he a false prophet ?

Answer #1

The idea that Jesus is not the only way to heaven is called universalism. It has crept into Christianity. I think Obama’s beliefs are symptomatic of the state of the 21st century church.

Answer #2

signs are showing and the end is near…

The bible says there will be NO signs… and that only God knows when.

there are good people that did good deeds on earth that are in hell, Jesus and the blood is the only way

…and what about the countless people in the world who have NEVER been exposed to Christianity, by no action or inaction of their own? Do they go to Hell, just because there wasn’t a church or bible nearby?

Answer #3

I see Captain is at his old tricks again trying to convience people they dont believe . lol Hope he learns that confussion dont work on all christians soon . He really needs Christ in his life .

…convince people they don’t believe what?

Answer #4

I would like to point out that Obama is only 12 % black, plus he is not qualified for the job as president.

Answer #5

Oh, Bill, I didn’t realize that this was your question until I looked. I just want to add, that if this was a Liberal’s question, then I probably would’ve said to them if you want them in the White House, then good Luck. I hope you don’t get afended to my previous answer since I honestly thought that this was a Liberal’s question. I’m glad I answered this for you so, again, please don’t be mad at me when you read my previous answer. Leslie

Answer #6

Jesus Christ is the only way and ya know I do believe the Bible from front to back its good that God sent his son since the 10 commandments so that we might we might be saved . Yes he is a forgiving God and to read his words to get closer to him . I see Captain is at his old tricks again trying to convience people they dont believe . lol Hope he learns that confussion dont work on all christians soon . He really needs Christ in his life .

Answer #7

…I thought you goofy fanatics WANTED the world to end in your lifetime. If he’s such a horrible person in your mind, then why not vote for him and make it happen?

Answer #8

Jesus is the only way

Answer #9


Answer #10

orion: Very sneaky, mixing fact with opinion like that. Really, you almost had me there.

Answer #11

Besides whoever God has ordained to run the States will be in the White House no matter what we, the people, may think.

Uh huh… so much for free-will…

Answer #12

It’s a bad omen for the future of the US, as well as the world, when the debate centers on which of the two major party candidates is more of a religious fanatic - as if that were a good thing!

If Jesus weren’t a fictional character, he’d be rolling in his empty tomb.

Answer #13

The problem is, this is absolutely the truth ! - a Christian believes the Bible/God’s word from cover to cover


Even YOU don’t follow and/or believe EVERYTHING in the Bible.

Answer #14

What does that have to do with how he will run the country?

Honestly, if he doesn’t kill millions of unarmed Iraqi women and children, that’s a step up from Bush. How is that justified to you, Bill?

Answer #15

jesus is not the only way to get into heaven. as a catholic, we are taught that we need our faith (jesus christ) and good deeds to get into heaven. I’m not saying obama is a catholic christian, bc he’s sooo not, but he’s not wrong.

Answer #16

Jesus is the only way to heaven. Let me point out a few verses if you will.

Jesus said to him, I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but through me. John 14:6

By grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of your selves, it is the Gift of God, not as a result of works, lest anyone should boast. Ephesians 2:8-9

As many as recieved Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name. John 1:12

Works are used to build up your treasure in heaven, not to get you there. These words are from the Bible. It is what I believe. No one can make me believe otherwise.

I don’t know if I would consider him false prophet, mislead, or just another politician saying what everyone wants to hear, but I for one believe he is wrong.

I hope that too many aren’t swayed by his comments. I want everyone to be in heaven with me!

Answer #17

Barack Obama could possibly be the ANTICHRIST or the FALSE PROPHET that Revelation talks about in the Bible. Before you guys go jumping all over me for saying this, do some research on him. I mean some TRUE research…

He is NOT a Christian. Christians believe that Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven. So, with that said, Barack ISN’T a Christian. He just SAYS he is. Plus,he tries to please the people too much…

Answer #18


Give me some figures. You need to wake up. I do my research.

Opinion Research Business survey on Iraqi casualties 1,033,000 violent deaths as a result of the conflict. August 2007

That’s over a million. You wouldn’t expect anything else from me? How about the truth.

The latest Iraqi casualties:

Ali, son of Karim Ismael 3 male Al-Zaydan, Abu Ghraib Karim Ismael adult male Al-Zaydan, Abu Ghraib School principal

I know I can’t sleep at night thinking about that 3-year-old boy. But Bush can. What a leader.

Answer #19

I agree that it’s depressing that a US presidential candidate’s religion seems to matter so much to people. Surely a candidate who kept his religious beliefs to himself and believed in everyone else’s right to do the same would be better all around? Given that any candidate’s beliefs almost certainly differ in some way from your own, wouldn’t you rather elect one who respects the right for you to keep yours, rather than trying to mandate his own?

Answer #20

Obama, is a false prophet in the sense that he says there is more than one way into heaven. He is a professing Christian and as such, I would hope, should not deny that Jesus is the only way into heaven. Keep in mind that he said he is a Christian and not another religion. Should this negate his chance for office? It’s up to the American public via a vote. We’ll see in November. Besides whoever God has ordained to run the States will be in the White House no matter what we, the people, may think. As far as the anti-Christ comment goes, any person who goes against Christ is just that, Anti-Christ. That includes a lot of professing Christians. The word anti-christ from the Greek meaning, “ an opponent of Jesus the Messiah” So at one time or another we all have or are being anti-Christ.

Answer #21

“so the muslim agrees with obama yet obama claims to be a christian eh?”

Wait, so Obama isn’t a christian because someone else agrees with him? If I, as an atheist, agree with you, does that make you not a christian? Or is it restricted to muslims?

“Obama states it’s not therefore he can’t be a true full christian, he maybe picking and choosing what he wants to believe from the christian faith however he’s not a christian.”

Every christian picks and chooses. Unless you really do stone adulterers and unruly children, refuse to work on the sabbath, and don’t wear clothes of mixed fibers?

Answer #22

to the people that says why does it matter bout religion, what an ignorant statement, as a christian it has everything to do with religion, I dont want some God hater running my country, yes he is a flase prophet, signs are showing and the end is near…obama needs Jesus, you cant be a christian and say Jesus isn the way to Heaven, good deeds has nothing to do wit getting in heaven there are good people that did good deeds on earth that are in hell, Jesus and the blood is the only way

Answer #23

I am not aware of what he has or hasn’t said, concerning this, however, I do believe that the end time religion, or one world religion, will be one in which every god that is worshiped, will have equal standing. There will be so many ways to supposedly get to god, that almost anything will go.

This is already starting with the Church of Humanity, where there is no God, no blood, no redemption of sins, no Jesus, only man, in his highest glory, and this should be highly popular, with so many against the One True God. Man elevating himself as God.

I know that Oprah is promoting this heavily, and already has millions of followers.

Answer #24

When someone ranks another’s answer, it moves up. It has nothing to do with being an advisor.

Answer #25

Are we voting for a president or a preacher? Give me a break already!

Answer #26

The problem is, this is absolutely the truth ! - a Christian believes the Bible/God’s word from cover to cover - anyone who bothers to read it will find He tells us JESUS is the ONLY WAY - to deny is calling God a liar - admirable trait to you, not me.

Answer #27

“God hater”? I’d love to know how you arrived at the conclusion that someone who goes to church, and happens to have a slightly more permissive attitude towards religion than you do qualifies as a “god hater”. And how someone who doesn’t claim to be a prophet in the first place can be a “false” one.

“good deeds has nothing to do wit getting in heaven there are good people that did good deeds on earth that are in hell”

And that seems reasonable to you? The actions of a benevolent and caring god?

Answer #28

I think that he’s a false prophet. jesus is the only way to heaven.

Answer #29

…case in point.

Answer #30

didnt the bible say something about the only way getting to heaven is through him and that he is the only way?…again I dont think relegion should be a huge issue in the presidential election because isnt that like a personal matter and should we as americans really consider that a factor in choosing our next president? Even if he did say that I dont think it matters…

Answer #31

I believe that through christ is the only way to heaven. I would like to believe that even the good people out here in this world who don’t believe will still make it there though . There are still good people out here who just don’t believe. I was taught only through Christ may we be saved…so I am not sure about Obama’s jibberish

Answer #32

Barock Obama is a false prophet. Jesus is our savior, and Heavenly Father is our lord. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about since he claims to be a Christian. His former Pastor has been an issue with the media since, he’s very wrong about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as far as it should be innterpetted. I don’t really know much about the Trinity church but, I know that Barock Obama doesn’t think straight when it comes to being Christian. I don’t care for the man as it is. He needs to really read up on the bible and, get his facts straight and know what he talks about to Christians. If he says, that hard working americans aren’t like him or his fellow believers, and, he’s saying that americans cling to their bibles and guns, well that really says that he’s not being truthful when it comes to his faith. His Pastor is pretty bitter and, that’s what Barock Obama thinks of all of us church going people. So, to answer your question, he’s deffenately a false prophet, or, you could say, not a prophet or Christian at all. He won’t be good for this country and, so, if you want him in the White House, good luck.

Answer #33

Obama does not fit the definition of a “flase prophet”… I guess you think he is the anti-christ also…

oh, you right-wingers… :)

Answer #34

obama is not a prophet he is a poliician..and in my religion jesus is a prophet..I m muslim..so I believe only allah(I mean our only god)is the way of the heaven…SO I THINK OBAMA IS RIGHT

Answer #35

Obama is neither. He is not a Christian nor is he a prophet of any kind.

Heaven help us all if he becomes our commander in chief!

Answer #36

I think people need to stop worrying about what Obama’s religion is, or what his thoughts on religion is. Honesly, who cares. You shouldn’t judge someones personallity or how you look at someone just because of there religion. I’m not saying that YOU are.But it goes the same with race, you shouldn’t judge someone just because of the color of there skin. I think a lot of people hate on Obama because he’s black. And they want to start all these rumors about him. They point out every flaw about him and make up so many things that aren’t true.

Anyway. OBAMA 08 BABY!

Answer #37

Firstly, I don’t think he is a prophet at all. He is a politician. I am a teacher. Amblessed is a retired air traffic controller. It is, of course, possible that someone in any of those jobs could also be a prophet, but not everyone who speaks or expresses a public opinion is a prophet. So I think the original question makes a wrong assumption. He’s not any kind of prophet and I think he would agree with that statement. Correct me if you know differently, please.

I read a more detailed assessment of what Obama said on this subject in another question. I think that it may have been amoeba who provided the details of his speech (thanks). I think that what he said was more complex than the summary presented above. It would be inaccurate to boil it down to: ‘anyone can get to heaven, Jesus is not the only way’. It might be fairer to say that he gave a politician’s answer which must have been close to his own belief but may have been a bit hazy on details so as not to offend potential voters. That keeps him in good company! All politicans do that, I’m afraid.

As I’ve said in other posts, I know that Jesus said: ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one shall come to the Father except through me’. I also know that St Paul taught that people would be judged on what they have known, so that the possiblity is there that others might get to heaven if they have followed their own understanding of God or goodness to perfection. My gratitude to Jesus is that He made the way dependent on His sacrifice for me, not on my perfection.

So, perhaps I could go some way with what Obama said. I have known or learned about very godly Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, Bhuddists and Muslims. I have known very good atheists. They taught me things about God. God judges their hearts, not me. But I do hold Jesus to be the one sure Way.

Answer #38

eternallyhurt: Seriously, your criteria for “possibly” being the antichrist is:

  • Not being christian (though I have met many christians who believe that there may be other ways to be ‘saved’).
  • Being nice to people.

Wow. I don’t know what to say. Kind of a low bar, isn’t it? I’m sure there are plenty of people besides Barack Obama that (arguably) aren’t christian, and are nice to people.

I think it’s much more likely that Matthew Fox is the antichrist. Here’s why:

  • He doesn’t appear to be christian. Certainly there’s no record of him telling people they’re damned to hell if they don’t repent.
  • He appears to be a nice person.
  • He was born in July 1966 - 6/66!
  • He plays a major role in the television show “Lost”, which is about unholy powers causing a group of people to turn against each other.
  • Foxes are known for being cunning and deceptive.

No, I don’t really think that Matthew Fox is the antichrist. I’m just trying to point out how absurd trying to label someone as the very epitome of evil simply because you don’t like them is.

Answer #39

so the muslim agrees with obama yet obama claims to be a christian eh? The bible states following god and walking in christs footsteps is part of the journey to heaven. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but when it comes down to it there is only one way. Noone knows what that ONLY ONE WAY truly is but they will follow what their opinion tells them to. Christians believe the way to heaven is through christ. Obama states it’s not therefore he can’t be a true full christian, he maybe picking and choosing what he wants to believe from the christian faith however he’s not a christian. Now this is not the problem in my eyes. To me the problem is he’s claiming to be something he’s not which makes him a hypocrit and a lier which lends to the type of person he is. He’s a politician he knows how to play the game and he is. everyone is saying don’t concentrate on his religion yet he’s playing on them hoping to get this aroused to get more voters for him out to the polls. I’m about 90% clear on McCains plans, not to say I agree with them all but as far as Obama goes I still don’t know exactly what his plans are for the country except change…

Answer #40

“In religion, the term false prophet is a label given to a person who is viewed as illegitimately claiming charismatic authority within a religious group. The individual may be seen as one who falsely claims the gift of prophecy, or who uses that gift for demagogy or evil ends. The label ‘prophet’ can be extremely subjective: Without exception, someone who is considered a ‘true’ prophet by some people, is simultaneously considered a ‘false’ prophet by some others.

Prophets are particularly important figures in many of the world’s major religions. In particular, this article will focus on false prophets in Judaism, Christianity and Islam and the specific interpretative and theological models each religion uses in order to distinguish a true prophet from a false one.”

I think that makes him a Christian that believes differently than you…

There is someone on funadvice who claims to be a Christian yet spews the most hateful, racist, bigoted comments ever…I have NEVER heard you say any of the hateful things that she says… What does that make her?

Answer #41

I want to add that no matter what we think of him religiously, we also need to consider a lot of other information:

Experience Honesty Is he wishy washy like Kerry? What his plans are to help us economically Healthcare plans I could go on for days.

The thing is, it’s not all one subject. So he may be misguided, I don’t know. I know my dad refuses to vote for him because of the war and his ethnicity, and while I understand, I feel you shouldn’t judge based upon ethnicity or religion.

I worry about his economic plans, but hey I have my doubts about McCain too. In a race like this, you have to choose the lesser of the two evils. That should be done carefully (and for Christians prayerfully)

Answer #42

he sounds to me like a flase prophet

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