Is anyone else here because Yahoo Answers sucks?

I loved Yahoo Answers, but they suspended my account for a minor violation. Anybody else here have that same issue?

Answer #1

Well, I didn’t get suspended or anything, but I just don’t use it anymore because it jsut plain sucks. This site is so much better, and a lot less picky about questions and answers.

Answer #2

I didn’t get my acct suspended but I now have about six yahoo accts that I made to avoid having that happen! LOL! You had more than one violation whether you realized it or not, but you probably never saw them. Its one of the latest stalker tricks being used by the high level TR stalkers. If you had a contact named “Dad” or one of his contacts in your network then that is where your problem was. You could also have gotten in trouble if one of that group starred your questions to notify the rest that your writing style was violation gold for supporting their quest to be a top reporter. I wont say anymore at the moment, because this is my first day with this site, and I have good reason to be a bit gun shy of people in here as well. I am looking for some other yahoo escapee’s in here, can you suggest a way for me to find them? I know their yahoo forum ID’s but unlike myself, they have chosen to be completely different in here. I understand that, and so should you. But I still want to find them or at least be able to let them know I am now in here with them. Any advice for a newbie to this site on the best way to do that? Thanks in advance. Justmeee

Answer #3

Yes and BTW I HATE Y!A_ I’ve made more the one account there- One they canceled and the second I deleted because of the VERY nasty (55 infact) answers about a photo of mine that as uncalled for

Answer #4

All we ask is that you read the terms of use.

I hope that you visit often.

Good Luck!!

Answer #5

I’ve never heard of yahoo answers

Answer #6

tony_soprano_jr, No, but they are obviously going to boot you if you violate the rules. Its just like any other site. Rules are set for the sites saftey and if you violate them then your going to get booted,plain and simple. Know your boundaries, and you wont run into that problem again. -ѕтәpн♥

Answer #7

Yep, just typed in “yahoo answers sucks!” into the search engine and wound up here.

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