Why doesn't anyone answer my questions?

I’ll have like a question up for days and I’ll only get like 2 responses. Then I look at someone else and they have like 723487263 responses. I ask questions because I need advice.. from more than one person. Is this like this for anyone else!?

Answer #1


You can see the unanswered questions on the site (of all time) http://www.funadvice.com/browse/pending.

You’ll see that there’s a ton that have been unanswered that were asked 3 years ago, then just some from recently. There’s not a single question that’s been up for “months” with 0 answers.

Answer #2

I its urgent and confusing people usually respond right away, if it doesnt seem too urgent people sometimes dont seem to care, it kinda mean but people will be people :]

Answer #3

it can be for some people a lot of people respond to something there familiar with what theyd know a bit about or subjects they like to answer sometimes people who answer questions cant get around to everyone and miss some people but also if youd like advice from 1 particular person you can funmail them if youd like

Answer #4

it’s the same thing with me. I don’t get thousands of people answering my questions, but I would rather have one good answer than thirty useless answers.

Answer #5


…you have two questions. Perhaps you had an old profile? You’re not allowed to have more than one :) And, both your questions have answers.

Answer #6

I think it’s the kind of questions you ask.. what kind of question’s do you ask?? I’ve viewed many unanswered question’s and most of them I too don’t find them any interestine..try changing your question line.some questions are way too boring

Answer #7

You need to WAIT before you get answers. You can’t just wait 30 seconds and BOOM! have ten posts.

Some people only answer in certain criteria. Like me, I generally answer in Fitness/nutrition, or Pets/animals. I have knowledge in those bases.

Sometimes you need to make your titles more interesting. Many people here think making a question with “Help!” will attract many people. It doesn’t.

Most importantly, WAIT for an answer. Patience is key, I like to make questions during the night-time, so when I wake up, hopefully I’ll have a few answers to my question/advice.

One more thing, you don’t necessarily need more than one answer. Unless you need opinions, why not trust one’s advice? Only one answer? Simply Fun-Mail the person for help, and ask nicely for help in greater detail or more information.

Hope I could help. ;)

Answer #8

oh its completely normal. some people just like answering questions that are easy and interesting. I mean I asked ‘where do you get the meat sucks tops from’ and I only ever got 1 response. but questions like ‘why can cows only go upstairs and not down’ or ‘can I trust ebay’ seemed to appeal more to people because the cow one was completely random and the ebay one was probably one that everyone was dying to answer.

Answer #9

ummm, take a look at your questions, you’ve only posted one question before this one. and it depends on the day and the time, maybe you ask when people are asleep or cooking or watching TV, or doing their homework, housework, claning, screaming, laughing grying, whatever they’re busy with! and I think that the more you ask the more answers you get! (not sure) but thats what happened to me!

Answer #10

Some questions just don’t get as great an attention as others. Maybe the question isn’t one that the average answerer feels comfortable with answering, or maybe it’s in a category that doesn’t get as much attention.

I checked your profile and you only have one other question that you’ve asked and it was only 40 minutes ago. You might be expecting answers to quickly. I’d suggest that you wait 6 to 12 hours before deciding that you are or aren’t getting a good response. (It’s late at night right now for many of the Fun Advice users so they aren’t available.)

Answer #11

aww im sorry. im new here. I use yahoo q&a a lot.

Answer #12

I wouldn’t have posted this if I didn’t wait. I’ve waited months before and haven’t even got one post.

Answer #13

I guess this is different to you then. lol.

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