Is a college day as long as a regular school day?

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No college is completely different. Instead of set classes everyday for a set amount of time you get to sign up for which classes you want. Some classes are once a day for up to 3 hours, some are three days a week for an hour and 15 mins and some classes are four or five days a week for 40 mins. So everyday you will have a different set of classes and everyday you will be in classes for more or less than other days.

You spend a lot less time in actual class in college but, much more time on homework.

College is also different because the teachers don't care if you don't show up or don't do your homework, they look at you as adults and respect your decisions and won't nag you. Either you show up and do you work and get a good grade or slack off and barely show up and they will give you a much lower one.

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yeh it can be but most times it not as you can go early. Or go in early and come home early or vice versa. depends on the way your time table it set out.
+ you might get days off depending on the course


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Not even close to high school. It depends on how many credits you take (and how many your college requires for graduation), but it's generally between 12-15 credits, and so you'll spend about 10-12.5 hours in the classroom. Now they say each credit requires 2 - 3 hours of studying outside class per week. If you're taking 15 credit hours, that's 30 to 45 hours each week. I probably spent that much time on each class the entire semester, not every week, but I guess it depends on your class demands.

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Depends. For me, I make my classes so I only go about 4 hours a day or less. I go early rather than at night just cause I want to get it over with. It just depends on how many classes you're taking and how long they are.

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Usually, the college does not have a regulated schedule as such due to the fact that every semester, or even weekly, new schedule lists will be provided. In addition, the need to write an essay and coursework together with also take a separate time as a vacation for better preparation. And in school - there is a clear schedule of lessons for a semester or even a year and the school days are really longer than during couples already in college

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