Im vegan , where can I get vitamin B12 ?

I search a lot for vitamin b12 sources but the only sources I found is meat and diary products ?

Answer #1

ichibanarky , when I said there was enough B12 in our bodies for a lifetime I was talking about B12 produced in our colon. I said it does us no good there. My underrstanding is that we can store enough B12 in our liver for up to a few years. Our bodies seem to be quite efficient storing this vitamin.

I’m still getting mixed information about the usefulness of B12 in Miso, tempah, and sea vegetables. I do enjoy miso soup with seaweed most mornings so perhaps I get some there. I hope you are right about these being nutritionally useful for people.

Then again, I’m not a strict vegan. I have eggs once in a while and sometimes I’ll eat something with dairy in it at restaurants.

Are the cases of B12 deficiency you see due to nutritional shortcomings or due to lack of intrinsic factor? Someone who eats meat every day can still be B12 deficient if they lack this. I have met people who have been strict vegans for over 10 years without taking supplements who do not have problems so I always thought there is more to the B12 puzzle than meets the eye. They obviously get B12 somewhere since they would exhaust the stores in the liver long before that.

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Actually, B12 does not come from animals, it comes from microbes, animals concentrate it making meat and especially liver (where the body stores B12) a very rich source of the vitamin.. You have enough B12 in your body for a lifetime but being in your colon it does you no good. Some dietitians theorize that at one time we met our B12 needs from dirt that clung to vegetables and dirty hands after going to the bathroom. Now that we peel or scrub our vegetables and wash our hands we may be eliminating one potential source of this vitamin.

The most dependable vegan source of B12 is probably brewer’s yeast. There are other vegan foods like tempah, miso, and sea vegetables that contain forms of B12 but it is unknown if these forms of the vitamin are usable by people.

Answer #3

I would like to agree fully with you fiilletofspam, but as a nutritionist, I’ve seen the results of lack of b12 in a vegan diet, and it can be fatal…many of these people now have to take b12 injections every month for the rest of their lives.

There is just not enough in the body to sustain one for a lifetime.

btw, tempeh, miso, and sea vegetables are a usable source of b12

Answer #4

As long as your supplement is fulfilling the daily requirements, which most daily vitamins do (check with the pharmacist if you’re unsure)

I do recommend that you have regular check ups with your doctor for the first few months to make sure you’re not missing out on some other important vitamins and minerals as well

Answer #5

I would recommend that if you are concerned, and considering your dietary habits, take a supplement or receive the supplemental injection.

They are sold at the pharmacy as they are commonly used for a variety of reasons (including those that have had gastric bypass surgery)

Answer #6

Vitamin b12 comes mainly from animal by-products, so you may have to take a b12 supplement

You can also get it from b12 fortified soymilk and juices and fortified cereals

If you notice any tingling in your arms andlegs, dizziness or weakness, talk to your doctor. These are symptoms of a b12 deficiency

Answer #7

I take a daily vitamin supplement that is vegan and contains B12. I am sure I get enough B12 anyway, but I just like to be on the safe side. I use All One Powder Multiple Vitamins & Minerals Rice Base. I just mix it in with my morning OJ and go. The B12 is not animal-product based.

Answer #8

You’re very right filletofspam, and thank you for explaining it with a little more detail

Many vegan foods these days are fortified, so it’s easy to get enough in that respect, but I’ve seen too many vegans try to do a whole “clean” diet, eating nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables and ignoring important proteins

Brewer’s yeast is definitely a good source, but it’s an aquired taste for someone who’s “newly vegan”, hence, my advice to get a supplement

My concern is for those who just decide to become vegan without mapping out a proper diet beforehand - those are the ones usually left quite lacking in many nutrients

Answer #9

I now it may seem mad but red bull energy drink has lots of B12 in it (200% RDA) P.S I dont like the stuff myself

I also pulled this snippet direct from the red bull website


Red Bull® Energy Drink is suitable for vegetarians. Red Bull® Energy Drink does not contain any animal products or substances derived from animals.


Answer #10

ichibanarky ,, is it enough to only take a b12 supplement

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