What should I do if I'm depressed and almost don't enjoy what is going on around me?

Answer #1

I was like that but the doctors didn’t want to give me antidepressants because it wasn’t a matter of life or death and they don’t like medicating growing brains. If that’s the case with you, you’ll just have to deal with it.

Answer #2

Sometimes we all go through depressing times. I woukd treat yourself to a vacation/ go out every weekend and do something fun. Let loose for a while and go take some you time. Maybe you will fugure it out on ur own. I dont suggest pills..but if u cant get over this depression go see the appropriate doctor. One that will get to the root of the problem

Answer #3

Dude just be happy or at leat try to just jump up and dance attract some attion to your self and laugh make ppl laugh. ( Im 11 so I think I have some pretty good advice if you ask me)

Answer #4

Dude just be happy or at leat try to just jump up and dance attract some attion to your self and laugh make ppl laugh. ( Im 11 so I think I have some pretty good advice if you ask me)

Answer #5

Dude just be happy or at leat try to just jump up and dance attract some attion to your self and laugh make ppl laugh. ( Im 11 so I think I have some pretty good advice if you ask me)

Answer #6

Dude just be happy or at leat try to just jump up and dance attract some attion to your self and laugh make ppl laugh. ( Im 11 so I think I have some pretty good advice if you ask me)

Answer #7

thanks that helped:) nd yeah im trying to deal with it.. my mom or anyone else doesnt know wat im going thru.. nd i dont want to tell them.. i just want them to see it on their own.. i no strange… i was happy last year nothing wrong with me but now everything is different idk wat to do ….

Answer #8

Not being able to get enjoyment out of life is almost the textbook description of depression. Those who suggest just thinking happier thoughts or doing something you enjoy don’t understand that for the depressed this simply doesn’t work. Medication is usually the quickest way to turn depression around. Talk therapy can take years to help if ever.

Answer #9

my problem is that no one KNOW… they dont see it.. every day i come from skool go to my room cry bcuz my boyfriend wont reply,, think about my past nd cry i dont no wat to do im so scared that im never going to be happy .. i sleep during the day after skool nd cry until 3 am im surprised that no one sees wat im going thruu.. i have the best grades ever this year straight A’s nd yet i feel so dumb i try to do homework i get distracted… this is the only thing that is crossing my mind…i dont want to live…. wat do u think i should do?? doing fun stuff .. just makes it worse…

Answer #10

i want to talk to a doctor but i dont want MY MOM to know any of this..

Answer #11

I know what you mean, you want them to see for themselves instead of you being like “I’m depressed! Help me!” Unfortunately a lot of parents don’t see it because they think it’s just a faze. Good luck though, I hope you get through it! :)

Answer #12

Travaling could help or somthing you love to do

Answer #13

all teen girls are depressed. i’, sick of the weak minded people in our world seriously what does a 17 year old girl have to stress about and get depressed over. for f%%k sake go to the store get a straw and suck it up. life is more challenging at 25 than 17 hell any age than a after 18 has more to worry about

Answer #14

…..omg people,,,,,, u serious? just cuz she’s bored u wanna her see a doctor? :O>

Answer #15

be strong, take care of your self respect

Answer #16

I find it interesting that people who aren’t depressed are experts on depression and know exactly what depressed people need to do. While there are no doubt lots of people on antidepressants who don’t need them there are also lots of people who could benefit from them who don’t take them because because people like you make them feel like doing so demonstrates a moral weakness and that they should just toughen up and stoically suffer in silence.

Answer #17

Of course nobody knows how you feel. They assume that everything is fine. Every teen goes through a certain amount of angst and whenever adults see unhappy teens they attribute it to normal feelings all teens have. Of course only an objective professional can determine if your feelings are normal or pathological but from you description it sounds like you are suffering from major depression.

Answer #18

There are people she can talk to. High school guidance counselors are a good start. There are teen hotlines but be aware that some are actually run by cults attempting to prey on confused teens. She can see her family doctor. Sometimes if a doctor tells parents they think their teen should see a psychiatrist it makes more of an impression than the teen asking.

Answer #19

it doesnt have to be a 17 year old to go thru depression every can go thru it… wen things don’t go right in our lives we start to worry and all those.. we get sad, we want to think and be left a lone.. nothing interests us.. so then u go thru depression. the same thing with me nothing is going the good way and it always ends up being bad…

Answer #20

yeah that’s how it is i’m guessing because every time I’m with someone i put my happy mask and smile.. i guess i’m okay with not anyone knowing.. I just need to talk about it and let it go i’m guessing don’t you think ?

Answer #21

i dont like my counselor, and i keep thinking of seeing y family doctor so maybe they can tell mom or dad….. idk but i think that FA is helping me rite now

Answer #22

im not bored.. if i was bored i would enjoy the things that come and go thru my life rite now.. i have fights with everyone around me and that is not normal for me… AT ALL.. i’m a person that always laugh, smiles, but never cries or gets sad.. i used to enjoy wat other people did now i cant even do that… i dont even want to go to my OWN uncle’s wedding.. now do u think that is normal and that im bored???

Answer #23

thank you i will tryy… :/

Answer #24

Lorisa, you wrote: “i’m okay with not anyone knowing.. I just need to talk about it and let it go,” and, in a different comment, “i dont want to tell them.. i just want them to see it on their own.” Do you see how these seem contradictory? I think you’re not as okay with no one knowing as you would like to be, and that’s a good thing. People should know what you’re going through when you’re having a hard time - just like you should be able to pay attention to other people when they are. It’s called empathy, and it’s a big part of what makes us not just human but humane. But that doesn’t mean people around you can read your mind. As fillet said, adults more or less expect teens to be moody and incommunicative. Even if your parents, or others, see that something is troubling you, they may not want to intrude on your privacy, and/or they may not want to believe it could be anything really serious. I understand why, like Gabby said, you might not want to go to the extent of saying “I’m depressed! Help me!” But I wonder, do you feel like you can talk with them - or could try to begin talking with them - openly about things in general? Even smaller things, like what happened for you in school today. Having some people you can talk with - whether it’s your mom or dad, a favorite teacher, a clergy person, a close friend, even a friend’s parent - could be very helpful. Over time, you might be able to share more of the big picture with them. When you’re ready, you could open a conversation with something like this: “Do I seem to you like I’m doing okay? Sometimes I feel like nobody notices what I’m going through.”

Answer #25

We have various neurotransmitters in our brain: serotonin which affects our mood, dopamine which allows to feel satisfaction rather from a good meal or a job well done, and norepinephrine which gives us the ability to focus on important tasks and is also triggered (with other chemicals) in “fight or flight” reactions. Our own balance of neurotransmitters determine if we are happy or melancholy, cautious or a thrill seeker, detail oriented or disorganized, eager to start tasks or a procrastinator. To a certain extent we self-regulate these chemicals; we can’t change who we are but we learn to compensate for a lot. When we can’t we can fall into a downward emotional spiral. People in this kind of rut can’t just think happy thoughts or do something they enjoy to bounce back. Happiness and sadness isn’t determined by how much stress or hardship in our lives. There are billionaires who have every kind of security and luxury anyone could ask for yet suffer interminable depression. There are also people who face amazing danger and hardship yet are emotionally stable and complete. A lot of it comes down to chemistry.

Answer #26

i have been telling my mom everything that has been going around at skoool and everything but i just dont want to say it or even get close to saying it because i think that im okay and then i think that noo im not okay.. this is my story.. i lwas madly in love with someone last year i dont no if he did to ..he looked like he did but just never said anything ..during the summer i was trying to forget him and everythingthen my cousins wedding happend in seattle so i went ther for 2 weeks and forgot him, nd ha a crush on some1 else.. and wen i got back i started talking to this other guy from their nd i really like him nd we are in a relationship but the guy i loved soo madly i think i cant forget him his still in ther in my heart… nothing is making sense and im thinking that maybe talking to someone would help but it doesnt.. if i dont get that off of my chest now nd leave it there im going to have to get it off late nd i want to get rid of these emotions now while im still kinda young.. nd i have been getting in a lot of fights with the ppl im close to im am like reallly lost rite noww i have no idea wat i want or wat i want to do..

Answer #27

yes i do

Answer #28

so this is all due to teenage romance? that makes this even lamer. as for what you want good luck on that. very very kids have a clue about what they want. i know people who are 30 and still haven’t figured it out yet. and some of the most interesting people i have the honor of knowing are in there 50’s and up and still don’t know what they want. so relax your a kid nothing matters avoid disease, jail, and having kids, and you’ll do just fine.

Answer #29

you can pray

Answer #30

yeahh i cann nd i doo:)

Answer #31

it just isnt that there are other family problems tha i dont want to put out over here.. if u understand if it was only that… if it was that simple i would not be this sadd lol :)

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