I'm depressed and I think I'm too young

I’m 16 and I think I have mild dpression. Its like I can’t control when I feel sad. I cry almost everyday sometimes I don’t even know why I’m crying. I’ve tried going to a therapist once but she wasn’t very keen to listening and she din seem to care. I think also its because of this guy I still really love an I’m holding on to him because I believe that I need him in my life he has moved on so easily but I find it extremely hard to do. Sometimes I have suicidal thoughts but I know I will never go through with it. Pieces of me are missing and I think about my father a lot (because I’ve never met him) and when I think of all my problems I feel sick and I get these pains in my stomach and I feel like I have nothing to live for because I’m trying my best and no one seems to acknowledge my efforts. Help me please before I hurt myself

Answer #1

There is no such thing as being too young for depression. It is rare for kids under 9 to be depressed, however depression is a sickness just like all other illnesses and can affect anyone at any age…

Really the best thing is to get help from a professional… I know you’ve had a bad experience, but they really arent all useless… You musta found a really lousy therapist, because I dont know why anyone would be a therapist unless they liked to listen (really it’s like becoming an accountant if you hate numbers, it makes no sense…)

I know it’s hard to take that step again, especially since you’ve had one bad experience, but you know what, you need to look at this like an illness. Which is what it is. When you’re sick you go to the doctor. If you go to one doctor and she or he turns out to be a lousy doctor, you cant just go home and say well doctors suck, I’m going to sit at home and suffer… Depression has a treatment. Cognitive behavioral therapy is really the best solution for clinical depression and I suggest you talk to someone about it.

There are places you can go online to find out more information about depression

http://www.med.nyu.edu/psych/screens/depres.html a screen for depression www.befrienders.org is a site you can email people I dont have any local numbers for you unfortunately

And listen, not being able to live without someone is something I can relate to. But no one can be your life… It isnt a healthy way to live and quite frankly it isnt the happiest way to live either. But you need to believe their is life without him. And therapy can help you keep that in focus. Because no matter how much it hurts now, nothing lasts forever, so this pain will end. You just need to keep that in mind…

Answer #2

Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

You are at an age where hormones, emotions and even your brain are undergoing strong changes. It is natural to occasionally feel confused or depressed.

The best thing you can do is to talk to a counselor or therapist. Barring that, find someone you can communicate your emotions and thoughts with, sort of like a sounding board. Keeping your thoughts to yourself doesn’t help. If you can’t find someone around you then consider Fun Mailing someone on Fun Advice whose advice you like. It’s relatively private and gives you a good sounding board.

Check out the link below for information on teen depression.

  Information on teen depression:


   If you are having problems or are depressed, below are a couple of sites that may help you:


Check out the Befrienders link below. They are not only a suicide hotline but also offer help to people who are stressed or are in a state of depression.


In the U.S.A., you also have access to:

Girls and Boys Town National Hotline

Call With Any Problem, Any Time



  Fun Mail a “sounding board”!

I would assume that you can’t talk about what you are going through with anyone because it is too personal and you don’t want others to know about it in relation to you.

The solution, then, might be to pick someone on Fun Advice whose advice you like and Fun Mail them. (You can check out the quality of someone’s advice by clicking on their name; going down to their recent advice, click on view all, then click on the questions that might interest you and view their answers.) Explain to them that you are having problems and want to have someone to use as a “sounding board” and would like to know if they would be willing to be your sounding board. Fun Mail is basically private, so you shouldn’t have any concerns about your privacy.

Although there are many users on Fun Advice who would be qualified, I’d suggest the person be an Advisor, for two reasons: First, most Advisors have several hundred or even thousands of Answers under their belt which can really give you a perspective about them; and second, you can simply click on the Advisors link at the top of the page and view a list of the most recently active Advisors with information about them AND a total of their Answers. (Don’t contact them by that “Ask me a question” link. That’s public. Instead, click on their name which will take you to their Profile page, then click on the “Send me Fun Mail” link on the left side of the page.)

You also have the ability to Fun Mail anyone (Advisor or otherwise) by clicking on the “Send me Fun Mail” link near the top of the Answer under the person’s name.

Answer #3

every person is an island and can remain an island. you dont need anyone. sepate your self. I used to do that but mostly bc I never felt anything andd I had no idiea what was going onwith religion ect. still dont believe but now im comfortable with it now and I really do love some one for the fist time..

Answer #4

Hey, Don’t worry I go through the same things. Last night I was upset because my boyfriend came home late from florida and I freaked out and I missed him cause I havn’t gotton to talk to him. Then my appendix started to hurt and I started crying. Sometimes I think the world would be better off without me but, then I look and see and I think that as long as 1 person will hurt if I leave this world then I shouldn’t leave. A few years ago I wouldn’t eat and I would cut myself. That was until I hurt my current boyfriend and he helped me out of it. I’d still like to do those things but, I’d hurt him so I don’t. Guys always choose to pertend their doing alright and moving on to everyone but, how do you know that’s the truth? Also not to be mean but, if you have never seen your father because he left you ( not my death of course ) you shouldn’t be fretting over it. If he died then it’s okay but, life is for the living not to hold onto the dead. NOONE every says anything good about me either! I made my parents dinner last night and they just yelled at me because apparently I put surup in the mouse for the computer!!! WE DONT EVEN HAVE SURUP! So you’re not the only one. If you think you are harmful to yourself tell your mother to make you an appointment with your DOCTOR… not a theripist and the doctor will tell you what you should do about it. If you lived in my state I’d recomend Dr. Peterson. ( Maine ) Anyways, we feel pain because something isn’t right. Go tell the boy you love how you feel and if he every cared about you he will sit down and listen and hold you! If he doesn’t then move on cause he’s not worth it. I know how hard it is to move on. Also… I feel that when I go to church I feel better..

Answer #5

hey, dont worry everyone feels like that. I know I did when I was 16, I hated everything, and school was hell for me. you will get through it.

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