Im 20 years old & still a virgin, is there something wrong?

I’ve been told I lie about bein a virgin only bekus of my age && bekus many guys say im too beautiful to not have had any sex . Thats actually pretty lame to me . I consider my beauty far beyond my appearance .

Do yuh guys think that theres sumthin wrong wit bein a virgin nowadays ; bein that everyone is engagin in sex ? Should I wait til marriage ;

My mom says I might as well ; since I waited so long ; it wud just be useless to sleep wit just anyone; plus im mature && not willing to make a mistake .

But do guys even like virgins ; sum say we are unexperienced =/

Most guys also just use us && leave us ; well at least what I’ve seen happen to my friends .

[ I kinda want to wait for someone I fall in love wit ; unfortunately the few times I thought I was in love : the guy ended up bein a jerk ; so im glad I held on 2 my virginity ]

Let me know yah opinion ; id love to hear what yah stories are also .

Answer #1

hey if your a virgin at 20 then gd for yew, it is great that yew havent just thrown it away for nothing

I think yew should wait till you think it feels right, theres nothing wrong with not waiting till your married, but if yew do thats great

do what feels right whenever you thnk it feels right

Answer #2

actually thats a breath of freash air. to know that theres still girls like you out there, lol. you should be proud of that, nothing wrong with it at all. seriously though, theres not many girls like you out there, and now that you waited this long allready, you should wait for a guy your sure you love. congrats

Answer #3

No such thing as true love. Sorry to be such a buzzkill. But yeah waiting til marriage is better. Or its adultery… Nothing is wrong with it… Im one. Even tho all my friends probably arent… But hey I dont wanna have kids. Yikes… So smart choice…

Answer #4

No there’s nothing wrong with being a virgin. Most guys are pigs and all they think about is getting into your pants. they say that there’s something wrong with you for not having sex because they’re just hoping to be the one to “break you in” as some put it. Being 20 you might as well wait for someone who you love and will never leave you, otherwise you could get a lot of problems.

Answer #5

NO there is nothing wron with being a virgin, especilly if you dont feel ready to engage in sex. I think people should become sexualy active when you’ve found the right person and you feel confertable enough to talk about sex and to do it as well. Waint as long as it takes your still young, and you cant rush true love.

Answer #6

no there is NOTHING wrong with that! actually everything is right with that lol. thats how this generation is suppose to be but were all so screwed up and so is this world! sex is what this world is all about now days and its so disgusting and degrading. its like having no respect for yourself like a stripper or disgusting porn stars. makes me sick!!.. I was 19 when I got married (20 now) and of course I wasnt a virgin and neither was he but I know for a fact if it werent for this generation and all the sexual advertising there would be a lot more virgins still around and I would have been one too when I got married! trust me TRUE LOVE IS DEFINATELY WORTH WAITING FOR!!! I regret anyone before my husband even though they were serious boyfriends it wasnt worth it at all. any guy who really loves you and understands why your a virgin, wont pressure you, if he does he is sooo not right for you.

Answer #7

There is nothing wrong with you bein a virgin. Keep it. Stuff it down your gob. Die with it. I pray you never find the mythical right guy that exists in your warped fairy tale imagination. Your all scared because of half the guys on the planet are scum. The crap you put good decent guys through, the testing and mind games is enough to make me Puke. So make a big issue about your virginity. There are other girls with level heads on their shoulders. Its stupid to make sex an issue.

Answer #8

Im almost 19 and I have only had sex 1 time with someone who I met twice at a bar. All my friends have been in relationships and have had a lot of sex, and I always think im a freak because im not like them. I’ve never had a boyfriend or anything and have done things with only a few guys on random drunk occasions. it definitely wont make you feel better to have sex with a random person like I thought. I feel like I will never find anyone or that I am too picky. I dont wanna wait any longer for the right person but to find the right one its what we have to do I guess :)

Answer #9

im 18 and still a virgin the moment hasnt come yet the relationships break up before we get to that stage and I guess thats a gd thing because I know they wernt worth it I’ve got no doubt that the rite person will come along and I will know when im completly ready xx

Answer #10

Im planning on keeping my virginity till im married. All -well not all but most of my friends are’nt virgins and they just mind their own buisness about it and we don’t talk about it! They tell me about and stuff like that and I keep on thinking im missing out but I’ve made a treaty with myself that I wouldnt have sex till marraige and that my husband would be a virgin too. I pray for the right guy! But I suggest you stay a virgin till your married it will help others so much just to see u’ve made it so far! Plus you have made me so much stronger and added to my motivation to stay a virgin! THANXX!

Answer #11

I’m 20 and I’m a virgin. I really don’t like to advertise that fact though. I feel that it’s private information that I only share if it needs to be shared. I’m no prude either though. It just has never been the right time for me I guess. I dated my last boyfriend for two years and we never had sex. We aren’t together anymore, and now I am dating someone else. I am so glad that we didn’t have sex. We were always breaking up and I just never felt stable or right. Trust your gut! If you aren’t ready then DON’T. The guy I am with now has had sex before and it does bother me a little bit I guess. But, when he found out that I’m still a virgin he said it was fine because he cares about me beyond that.

It’s not that I don’t want to have sex. Believe me… I DO. I just really like dating someone and not being constantly worried about sexually pleasing them or being pregnant and all that. I’m not sure if I will wait for marriage, but I will wait until I feel right with myself. Good luck and don’t let anyone pressure you into anything you’re not feeling right about!

Answer #12

im 21 next week and am still a virgin..guys have dumped me for it before saying im boring and fridgid.and why because I wont let him break me in?make me just this virgin I broke in.. they never stay .. I seen too much girls been dumped after it… im proud im still a virgin I dont care that people know…I have too much self respect for myself and im very mature…I do have a boyfriend and going away with him in 2 weeks :D,am not going to sleep with him though … I aint told him im a virgin yet though …im going to test him see if he is let down by it,so if hes just after sex hes going home on next plane :) me hunni some NOT all are just wanting to break a virgin in .. its just an achievement..theys guys out they have enough respect and maturity to respect your decision and wait,theyll see it as an attraction .. dont be ashamed! .. you have self respect you wont regret your first time! just dont broadcast it because if a bloke finds out in a club that your a virgin he will try every line in book to take you home! …keep ya virginity till right person(may not be love or perfect but least you didnt lose ya virginity on a meaningful one night stand :D

Answer #13

There is nothing with being 20 and still being a virigin. I am 14, and I wish that I would have waited, even thought I love my boyfriend dearly. Being 20 and still being virigin, just simply means that you’re watingin for the right peson.

Answer #14

At twenty-three and just out of college, I am a young man and have not lost my virginity. I have never understood how sex can be the central component of any successful relationship and have no respect for anyone who demands it. I have been in a couple relationships spanning several months which just did not work out in the end. I am looking for someone who I can be with in mind, not just in body. I want to find someone who can excite my common interests and be myself around completely. I have many friends who are sexually active and in committed relationships and I cannot deny there is love between them. I am jealous of that and I am waiting for the one person who can join me to obtain that.

I am sorry that so many of my fellow males are degenerate and single-minded pigs, but there is no shame waiting until you are comfortable.

Answer #15

Im 18 and still a virgin. Im waiting for the right guy. Most of my friends where 14 or 15 when they lost theirs. People always assume im not a virgin, but iam. I think that its great to wait until you meet someone you really love

Answer #16

there is NOTHING wrong with being a virgin. I actually admire you for that. the only time I think you should actually have sex is after marriage; when you’re with that one guy you want to settle down and be with for the rest of your life. there’s nothing wrong with you; you should consider yourself a role model to other young women in this world, especially in this day and time.

Answer #17

Nope nothing wrong with that.

Answer #18

Hey Im 20 years old and still one and I dont see what the big deal is really. It shows that you have more self worth and respect for your self. If I were you just wait until that guy enters your life who is genuine and not a jerk like all the others you were talking about, just wait until you find “the one” because it will be more special and more worth it. Im catholic but not an extremeist just to let you know my religion has nothing to do with my virginity its my personal moral choice.

Answer #19

I’m a male 22 and very soon 23 but still a virgin saving it for the right girl. I as a male find it a big turn off if a girl is not a virgin her hymen is mine. I will wait till marriage also it would not be fair for me if I were a virgin
and shes not.

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