Hi im 20 and a lesbian and i bleed everytime after being fingered

hi im 20 years old, and im a lesbian, yes I have had sex with a guy before, and been fingered by other women before, but just recently I've been bleeding everytime me and my girlfriend have sex, we do not us toys. and its not a little of blood its a lot, she gets it all over her fingers, and I need to put a tampon in because its a lot of blood, then I bleed for like a day or two after, and this happens everytime, and shes not rough, and her fingernails are cut. and it doesnt hurt when shes doing it, it actually feels good, I dont even know im bleeding until we are done and we see all the blood on her fingers. I've made a doctors appointment but its not till two and half months away, should I see someone sooner? is there something really wrong with me??? please help!

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you need to really see a doctor and find out what is going on. That is not normal at all

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go see a doctor.

why do i bleed everytime me boyfirnd fingers me?
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Hey this is oddly very accurate to my problem! Did you find out what was going on? I'm considering going to get checked out as well!

Can i get pregnant if my boyfriend had a drop of sperm on his finger and he fingered me with it?

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