im 16 and want a baby!!! Help

okay me and my boyfriend are 16 and we both really want a baby, I know they are not easy at all!! I have 6 younger sisters and the youngest 1 is 6months I baby sit all the time I just love them and I want one of my own , my boyfriend sed he wants 1 buh in a couple of years (cz of money situation) weve been together 4 6months and have neva had an argument. we are sexually active and I use the pill. should I have a baby ? I relii want one and I think we are both really responcible enuff should I wait that couple of years or shall I have one? I know my parets will b dissapointed buh its what I want Hmm pleasee help I dno what to do … I really want a baby.

Answer #1

Don’t do it. While you think he wants to marry you and be with you forever, it is VERY VERY slim to none chances that you guys are going to be together forever. I know you want to believe it, but it’s just not going to happen sweetie.

Most guys (ESPECIALLY AT YOUR AGE) once they find out the girlfriend is pregnant or once she has the baby, disappear. They want nothing to do with a responsibility like that.

Babies are not glamorous toys to show off. They wake up several times a night (and you are going to be the one waking up with them to feed it), they poop, throw up, and cry for no reason at all.

Try taking care of your 6 month old sister for two weeks with NO HELP whatsoever. Be the one to get her up, dressed, bathed, fed, and play with her.

And remember, if your parents are not behind you supporting you– you will need to drop out of school to watch the baby or find a way to afford at LEAST $800/month for daycare. That isnt even including everything else the baby is going to need– food, toys, clothes, diapers, a crib, etc.

If your boyfriends parents don’t approve of this, they can simply tell him he may not see you anymore. And you know what? He won’t. He is going to listen to his parents and you will not see him (this is if he hasn’t left already).

Your friends will think the baby is “cute” but they aren’t going to babysit for you or stick around because they can go out anytime they want and hang out. You can’t. You have to stay home with your baby who needs you.

You sound very sweet and I’m sure when you are older and have gone through college and have a job you will make a great mother. But not now. You are still a kid. Enjoy it while you can because adulthood comes on fast enough already. You don’t need to worry about bills and rent and groceries or anything right now. But once you’re an adult, the responsibilities (without a baby) are already hard enough.

Answer #2

Ok this time last year me and my girlfriend are where you are now (apart from the baby part) weve been together a year and no arguement either :). But seriously its perfectly normal that as your body develops you start giving in to the underlying genetic instructions we all have “have sex, have babies, continue species”. This man may be your first love and you think it is forvever and it may well be, but you have to look at the big picture ultimately. You should not have a child at your age because I guarentee you 100% that you will regret it, you may realise that its a lot of work but look at it this way. The average cost for a baby in its first year is $37000. Do you have $37000 just lying around? You will have to INSTANTLY become an adult completely missing out on all the fun of being a no good lazy SOB like other people our age. You will be pinned down for the rest of your life when your life hasnt even began yet! Having a baby is incredibly stressful and will need you constant care and attention 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It isnt like a doll that has a convienient off switch. You only have ONE shot at life ok, thats it just one, after that we die and thats all there is too it, please, please do not give up your freedom and your life so rashly. Listen to your boyfriend and have babies in a few years when your done having fun :) so keep taking the pill, also I think not taking a pill and then having sex with your boyfriend would be an incredibly bad idea as he will probably freak right out.

Answer #3

Well first you have to ask yourself WHY you want it, just cuase they’re cute? If you only want a baby because their cute or adorable it’s not the right reason, and if you cant support it thats another reason that you wouldnt want one now, next is the guy, like someone who im to lazy to look up said, he may be sayng hes ready, but to a guy a baby is the worst possible outcome from sex until marriage, its just the way we think… I really hope you think this through and make the right desision…

Answer #4

is he willing to marry you? many males ‘say’ they will be there for you and the baby..but when the time actually comes there no where to be found. Not all guys are that way but many are. would you have a place to live? its completely your decision but you should put alllot of thought into it first.

good luck in whatever decision you make;)

Answer #5

you are not mature enough to have a baby. like any other 16-year-old (and like myself), you were probably a completely different person a year ago. two years ago. three years ago. and do you know what that means? you will be a different person a year from now. two years from now. and so on. teenagers are volatile creatures. as a 16-year-old, are you willing to sign away your life to another human being? because that’s motherhood. life won’t be about you anymore. are you ready for that? are you ready to set aside all of your dreams and goals so you can spend all of your time taking care of someone else? wait. wait until you have a high school diploma (NOT A CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE), a steady source of income, and a sturdy, reliable HUSBAND. then, have as many kids as you want!

Answer #6

How selfish of you to think its about what YOU want. Its not about you Hun. When you are 18, a legal adult, THEN you can make that decision, but you are a child, and your parents are still responsible for you. How are you & your boyfriend going to support a baby at 16? Do you both have full time jobs? What about high school, then college? Can you afford to move out on your own, or Is mommy & daddy to babysit? Whos going to pay the hospital bill after you have the baby? I dont think you have a clue on what having a baby all entails!

You talk to any smart person, and they will advise you to wait as long as possible, at least until you are married and about 23, before you start to plan a pregnancy. They will also hope you want to help the world instead of causing more problems. Those who help the world do all they can to learn as much as possible, and become a contributing member of society. They find a smart man with a college degree and some goals in his life who wants to find and marry another smart woman and raise smart children. Desperate young girls do stupid things. One out of every 150 boys born now has Autism. Are you prepared to handle a special needs child all by yourself, at the age of 16? Chances of your boyfriend staying with you is next to none! A baby does NOT bind a boy to you!

You can go online to find the costs, but it’s the cost to your own childhood that is the largest.

Answer #7

Talk to women who are 25 and have their own house, and financial independence, who have just had a baby. They will tell you even under those circumstances, a baby turns your whole life upside down and forces you to accept a completely new set of priorities, all to do with the baby.

If its hard for them, it will be very much harder for you.

Answer #8

You’re retarded.

But I think you should do it.

We need more idiots on welfare in this country.


Answer #9

yeahh he sed he wants to marry me and he wants to spend the rest of his life wiv me :) I’ve neva had such a strong relation ship before , weve dun every think to gether from our first kiss to sex lol we love each other soo muchh but its a really hard desision because I do want my life and I know you dont have much of it when you have a young baby to look after 24/7

Answer #10

WAit untill you have a job out o mom and dads and make sure that hes the one and having a baby is BIG responsibility and trust me on that .I’ve had two kids.and its not easy and I think you should wait untill everyone willl support you guys and get married be for.

Answer #11

wait until you can support the child, before you have it. And you may change your mind and want to do other things first, as someone the same age as you who also really lovs kids I would advise you wait.

Answer #12

I dont believe you should have a baby right now, im the same age as you and so in love with my boyfriend…but baby girl a baby is not the way right now. the way things are going in the world you may not manage and jobs are not garanted any more so that no money right there. He say he will be there to support you[then believe that] if you choose to do it later in life he should still want to be there to supprt you. I say wait untill your done with school and have a steady job then think about it again…dont stress your self about this baby girl because right now its not worth it

Answer #13

honor what hes said and wait a couple of years especiially to support the baby. haha geez

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