What is the illuminati conspiracy?

Who are the illuminati? What is the new world order? Are they powerful?

Answer #1

The Illuminati are a historic secret society.

Modern illuminati-conspiracy theories claim that the organization still exists and is influencing important world politics.

The “new world order” is a conspiracy theory that claims that there is a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda that is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government.

The wikis have pretty much info on those topics: http://funadvice.com/r/3js83semek http://funadvice.com/r/15lrve09gfn

But please: Do not believe anything you read! The only real truth can be found in the Principia Discordia!

Answer #2

The Illuminnai are supposed to be the people who secretly control the world. My opinion; Everything is either a conspiracy or nothing is. I honestly dont know how they can keep all of this crap secret with the internet and everything. I keep an open mind, but i am losing faith in these conspiracy theories, basically because eventually someone would have an inside scoop and share it with the world VIA internet.

Answer #3

But people are scharing all the info on the internet! Just the illuminati control our minds so that we do not believe them. ;P

Answer #4

There are many theories. Some claim they are free thinkers and scientific theoligists. Some think they are a satanic cult here to control everyone and rule out God. Some people think its about concealing knowledge as well as concentrating wealth and power into less hands. some think The Illuminati only existed because the catholic church wouldn’t let people believe in science back then. I think they are athiest trying to rule out God all together. They may not be satanics but are evil. They are trying to rule the world with one government. Control people and what they belive in. But who really knows.All i know is when and if people start taking my God out of the world then i wont follow. i would rather be k!lled. I think the New World Order may have a lot to do with revalations in the bible and what it talks about

Answer #5

angels and demons movie says few things about it

Answer #6

Where there is a secret society with conspiracy theories to the counter culture there likely is another secret society to counter the counter culture….But nobody knows other then theory because it’s a SECRET

Answer #7

The illuminati were a fraternity of enlightenment era thinkers founded by Adam Weishaupt at the behest of Meyer Amschel Bauer Rothschild. The Freemasons were a fraternity of anti-establishment thinkers who threatened the powers of the throne in Europe with crazy ideas like the absolute rights of man… and disavowed the divine right of kings. At the time the Rothschild family were financing various kingdoms of Europe and collecting a hearty profit for themselves through the interest on their loans. In other words they had a vested interest in thwarting the Freemasons. There was an infiltration of the Freemasons by the illuminati that co-opted the order… long story short. They were simliar to common era think tanks such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg group… three groups that didn’t exist either… according to naysayers until the naysayers were absolutely laughed into obscurity.

Perhaps instead of reading works of fantasy… such as the Illuminatus Trilogy and similar fanciful series… you would be better off reading The Creature from Jekyll Island and Secrets of the Federal Reserve… or The Secret Team… or Operation Dark Heart… or Dr. Mary’s Monkey. I am aware that the critical analysis of history isn’t as much fun as the escapism found in the fantasy genre… but it is much better for discerning reality.

Virgil Griffith, tech head from the great state of Alabama… devised a program that traced the IP addresses of those editing Wikipedia pages… and discovered that the most hits came from the CIA… http://funadvice.com/r/15lsg7rb3sn … so…

John Young… the founder of cryptome and former member of the cyberpunks with Julian Assange… asserts that wikileaks is cointelpro and that Julian Assange could be an intelligence asset.

The internets does not filter reality for us… despite what people may think… it is a tool that we can use to help us arrive at conclusions based on what we are exposed to and our particular frames of reference with which to dissect the information we receive… John Young isn’t afraid of the naysayers or ridicule being hurled from the peanut gallery… neither am I nor should anyone engaging in critical thought… you see… appeals to ridicule are juvenile tactics and first order logical fallacies.

Answer #8

What’s with all the eye-rolling every time the word “conspiracy” comes up? And why such an extreme beliefs - it’s all a conspiracy or it’s not? “Conspiracy” doesn’t mean that Michael Jackson is secretly living in the Tonawandas with Elvis and Princess Diana. It simply refers to collusion at some very high levels with some very influential people. And to assume that the incredibly wealthy people at the top don’t have an agenda to protect their seat at the table, don’t have influences on governments and banks, is just naiive.

Answer #9

of course not… the wealthiest among us have never engaged in any sort of underhandedness. Conspiracists have hacked your brain and inserted this bizarro reality because no rational person today can put two and two together… wink - nod - grin… see how that works.

Answer #10

I Agree with Pearl, one only has to closely examine the movements of the stock markets to see the flow of wealth among all the global parent corporations and their influence on our government, through lobbying and other political bribes. The only conspiracy is Money and its intrinsic interest-based value.

Answer #11

Here is the deal… I have provided the names of many a whistleblower… for one reason or another… people of your same mind dismiss those people. Here are a list of a few whistleblowers that I have named before and people such as yourself never seem to key on or for whatever reason you won’t acknowledge their existence or the role they played. To continue insisting that there are NO whistle blowers from any conspiracy is not only disingenuous but is inanely easy to dispel.

Let’s start with L Fletcher Prouty… the author of The Secret Team… a CIA liaison who came forward with the assertions that the Pentagon Papers and the assassination of JFK and RFK were conspiracies within the agency.

Sibel Edmonds… the Turkish language translator for the FBI who was placed under a gag order following her voicing concerns that Al Qaeda were meeting with CIA.

Anthony Schaffer… the military intelligence officer who wrote the highly redacted book… Operation Dark Heart.. in which he asserts that the military and department of defense were made well aware of intelligence pointing to the attacks of 9/11 just before they happened.

E. Howard Hunt… the CIA agent who gave a death bed confessional of his involvement in the assassination of JFK.

Emad Salem… the co conspirator of the ‘93 WTC bombings who had the foresight to tape conversations with his FBI handler, John Anticev [whom Salem knows as John Krauthammer] The taped conversation and transcripts are widely available over the internet… I have provided the link on FA

Deborah Jean Palfrey.. aka.. the DC Madam who after being blacklisted by DC political insiders… had alleged that many politicians availed themselves of her services but was waiting to release her black book of clientale names during her trial… but never got to because she was found hanging before that happened… just like one of her escort employees… Brandy Britton… and she never got to release the book. She was on record stating that she would not commit su!cide and any such accusation should be investigated… her death was ruled a su!cide

Gary Webb was no whistleblower… but his book Dark Alliance referenced the testimonies of Freeway Ricky Ross… who was supplied by Oscar Danilo Blandon… CIA agent double crossed by the agency… but then given a position on the DEA. Gary Webb also committed su!cide by shooting himself twice in the head.

Officer Terrence Yeakey… an Oklahoma City police officer and first responder during the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building… had according to family members… been troubled by the official story of the bombing not fitting what he had seen… He had mentioned to them that after voicing his concerns to co workers and setting about investigating for himself that he feared he was being followed by the FBI. Yeakey committed su!cide by slashing his forearms and wrists several times… slicing his jugular twice… then leaving the scene and shooting himself.

Recently… a whistleblower blew the cover off of the Fast and Furious operation.

These are but a few…

With the proclivity whistelblowers and their mouthpieces seem to have for not only committing su!cide… but for seeming to have to overdo it to ensure their demise… [hint hint] Is it any wonder that they may be reluctant to come forward… especially given the fact that when they do… it routinely falls upon the deaf ears of those like yourself who deny them? If you are holding out for an admission from the horses mouth… it isnt going to happen… because there very likely isn’t any one particular horse to begin with. Those deeply involved have no reason to come forward and risk the lives of their families to face certain death at the hands of justice. The supporting players do come forward… at times… like Emad Salem… but again… you refuse to acknowledge.

There you go… whistleblowers… will you continue the assertion that they dont exist now that I have once again provided the names?

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