Who Created the Terrorist Phobia?

Since Bush came to power, all terrorist are born. Whenever, Wherever he points in any parts of the world there will be a terrorist. But this time he it blame to all muslim. Now most people even blame President Elect Obama.

Most people in america knows that Bush administration is the responsibility for the attack of 9/11. How he planned it all, everything. If you watched 9/11 proof CD then you’ll see and some other conspiracy about 9/11 like, the great conspiracy, which can be found in youtube.

Answer #1

I don’t think that George W. Bush orchestrated 9/11. I do think he was complicit. I don’t think arab terrorists carried it out. I believe it was carried out by members of Mossad… CIA… and MI6… probably in that order of culpability. I think that our attention should be focused on people of shady rapport: Michael Ledeen… William Kristol… Robert Kagan… Richard Perle… any signatory of PNAC. Regardless of your knowledge of history… or lack thereof… here are some questions you should be asking yourself:

Why isn’t 9/11 attributed to Osama Bin Laden on the FBI’s most wanted page.

Why was William Cooper… who predicted that 9/11 was going to be carried out by western intelligence and blamed on Osama Bin Laden before the event… gunned down by sheriffs deputies outside his home in November 2001?

Why does Osama Bin Laden have an FBI alias [Tim Osman]?

Why isn’t Al Qaeda an entity outside of National information gathering services? The history of Al Qaeda was provided by the Journalist Peter Bergen… and asset Jamal Al-Fadl.

Why is the Al Qaeda rolodex filled with former mujahideen armed by the U.S. during the conflict between Afghanistan and the U.S.S.R.?”…”Al-Qaida, literally “the database”, was originally the computer file of the thousands of mujahideen who were recruited and trained with help from the CIA to defeat the Russians.”…Robin Cook… UK Foreign Secretary.

Why is a sunni terrorist organization populated by so many shia?

Why were 5 Israeli Mossad agents arrested on 9/11 for surveilling and documenting the attacks… then quietly repatriated back to Israel?

Why was a signatory of PNAC… [Dov Zakheim] comptroller of the Pentagon during 9/11… not questioned for losing over a trillion dollars? The oversight was announced on 9/10/2001.

Why was the 9/11 Commission supervised by Philip Zelikow… a member of the Bush Cabinet?

Why wasn’t Norman Mineta’s[Secretary of Transportation] testimony… disputing Dick Cheney’s whereabouts while the Pentagon was under attack… not published in the 9/11 Commission Report?

Why were the testimonies of Major General Larry Arnold and Colonel Alan Scott… which were concurrent with the FAA testimonies claiming that the military had ample warning for the interceptions of Flights AA77 and UA 93… not accepted in the 9/11 commission report? Why would military leaders lie and implicate their own incompetency?

Why did President Bush claim that he watched the first plane strike the twin towers? He claimed that he watched the plane before the school assembly when he was informed of the second strike. The first strike hadn’t been televised. How did he see it?

Why did the hijackers pack for a return trip and accidentally leave it behind along with a paper trail?

Why did WTC 7 self implode?

Why was its destruction claimed by the BBC before it occurred?

Why was sulphur fused with the steel in the rubble of the WTCs

Why was the controlled demolition compound “Thermate” found in the rubble?

What are the odds that the first… second… and third incidents of steel structured buildings collapsing from fire and heat damage occurring on the same day?

Why did the owner of WTC 7 along with 1 and 2… Larry Silverstein [and beneficiary of the billions in insurance taken out just prior to 9/11]… say that he made the decision to “pull” the building… and “then it came down.”

Why did the FBI confiscate over one hundred surveillance tapes from businesses surrounding the pentagon on 9/11?

Why did they issue ONE to the media?

Why doesn’t this one show a plane striking the pentagon?

These are a few of the questions that I do not find satisfied by official explanations.

Gulf of Tonkin… U.S.S. Liberty are two recent examples of admitted false flag operations. I believe that it isn’t a question of Republican/Democrat. Both sides are compromised. Clinton worked with Bush Sr. during the Iran Contra Affair. Both worked for the mastermind… Michael Ledeen… who has been implicated in the Nigerian yellowcake farce. another false flag of recent.

Do conspiracies happen?… every day. The official explanation of 9/11 involves groups conspiring. This isn’t as much a conspiracy theory as it is dissident opinion for the official explanation. There are some proposed alternate theories… but I believe there are enough discrepancies in the official account for us to question much deeper than we are currently.

Answer #2

its unbelievable, jimahl, that these questions are still being asked several years after the event…if anyone in the Bush administration, or his “friends in the oil business” had ANY complicity in the attacks on our country, it would have been proven by now…it’s disgusting to me that the new president elect has more dealings with “underhanded” people than G W ever WILL, and his “transpaency and change in government” is really apparent with his appointments and relationships with anti -American americans…more time really should be spent trying to figure out, before its too late, just who obama is, rather than continuing to blame G W for ALL OF THE WORLDS PROBLEMS… enough is enough..um BUSH GOT RE-ELECTED DIDNT HE?…I really cant believe the amount of people who are believing this dem party,, THEY are the ones to look at..suggestion to all..start believing what you see, not see what you believe…so thats part of the reason the question, to me, was unbelievable…truly disgusted…the guy, who was alowwed to remain anonymous, asked and then answered the question, pointing at GW… when terrorism was established ,WELL WHO KNOWS EXACTLY? couldnt the unmanned planes with bombs on them that Germany flew to England prior to WWII count as terrorism, where was GW then…man…

Answer #3

I think 9 11 has changed the world, as poverity in some coutries are increasing, people are hopeless and than they are told of getting revenge in the name of religion and lots of these people whom become terrorist they didnt had their luck as normal life or there are things which made them so angry and they are driven by the people whom have links with different agencies, now as long as I under stand

  1. a child born in north area of pakistan, where there’s no school, parents are poor didnt have money to support them well. he will be sent to reliogious school for learning because its free and they give food aswell. which is not wrong at all but problem starts here, those preachers have ties with different agencies whom wants to create chaos, hate, children which are less than 18 are easy to be tackled to become terrorist or suicide bomber because in the life they didnt see any ting at all they been learning what they were told by preacher whaterver he was saying they have to belive 100%. they mis interpret the things which happening to the country or neighbour country and create hate angre in them once they putinto that state of mind of seeing too much of things which shouldnt be happening they are ready to do whaterver they told.

I heard suicide bomber are sold to agencies preacher tells them he has some people ready to take the action. agencies will give the mone to preacher and support him where they want blast or watever

preacher will tell the student and that this is going to be revenge of blah blah thing and you will be going to heaven (all misleading) in the bomber only think he is doing all right because this is what GOD wants. but he doesnt know he is been sold. to agency whom wants to create threats

its kind of cold war but I think these agencies can find people anywhere in the world in the name of religion or nation cast there are people whom have no hopes losers they become the first target of these

I belive bush himself didnt wanted all thsi but he is been told to do so by this unvisible class who control the whole world.

we normally say its jews but I dont think its only them.

there are some films to understand what;s going on in the world

its complicated but its happening

-kingdom (jamie fox)

  • body of lies

  • traitor

  • where in the world is osma bin laden

these are all good films

Answer #4

irrismith, I understand your blind alleigence to a fool… actually.. I take that back… I don’t really understand it at all, but your defence of the moron does not change the facts about where we are today. So many problems it is mind boggling, and whether you want to admit it or not, most of them are a direct result of Bush policie most recently, and republican policies over the last qtr century.

I do not “know” if bush & co. were complicit in 9/11, but I wouldn’t put it past them, and there is evidence to suggest it is very possible. Nothing has been proven, because nothing has been investigated. Any attempts to investigate anything is met with an abuse of executive privalage.

And bush was never “elected” even once.

As far as Obama goes, the man is not even president yet, and his approval ratings are almost 3 times bush’s. Talk to me in a year, and we will discuss something he has actually done, and not something he might do. Until then, give him a chance. Unlike Bush, he has a real mandate.

Filetofspam, I have been saying that for the past 3 years. Just no where near as eloquently.

Answer #5

The british would have called us terrorists, if the term were in use during the american revolution. I don’t think Bush planned and executed the 9/11 plot. I do think it is possible that he knew something about it, and did nothing to prevent it, because he needed a reason to invade Iraq. Right after 9/11, he immediately began beating the drums of war against Iraq, which had virtually nothing to do with terrorism, and certainly nothing to do with the 9/11. Bush purposely and relentlessly pushed the threat of terrorism as THE major threat against the US. And the right wing talking heads gladly fanned the flames of racism against muslims. And the wingnut conservative lemmings just followed along. If we had just stayed focused on bin Laden and al Qaeda, and not stupidly gone into Iraq, we would have still had the world on our side, and would have done great damage to islamic extremism. Instead Bush legitamized them by given them much more credit than they deserved, and swelled their ranks by his “bring ‘em on” attitude.

He basically screwed us over, destroyed our reputation around the world, spent a trillion dollars, and killed over a 100,000 people, in order to make his buddies in the oil industry obcenely wealthy.

He will be considered the worst president ever. He should be in jail, along with most of his cabinet and advisors.

Answer #6

Bush isn’t smart enough to plan 9/11 and get away with it…unless of course, he’s actually a super super genious who simply acts like he’s a bumbling fool to cover his 9/11 tracks. …and Cheney is probably really a hot 23 year old chick that Bush is banging.

Answer #7

Thankyour rubber couldnt have said it better myself. He is just another one of those people who think that all the worlds problems was generated by Bush, everything from world war 1 to the bad weather we are having.

Answer #8

Nope, not all terrorists were born with the Bush administration. You do know that Osama was a wanted criminal for bombing a US embassy while Clinton was president, RIGHT?

Study some more history, please and don’t go overboard on the conspiracy theorist stuff :)

Answer #9

terrorism has been around for centuries- anywhere there was a “religious fanatic” willing to cross the line and take lives to prove their point.

the pirates of the world could be called “terrorist” in nature.

and the many “gangs” in this country- terrorists as well.

history is full of terrorism. my opinion- a 7.62mm or 5.56mm is a surefire cure for terrorism.

so- I don’t see any “phobia” present today- just a strong case of reality- terrorism is (and has been) ever present- and is very real.

Answer #10

miscegenymiser, plenty of food for thought. I wonder if there will ever be a real investigation of 9/11. While I find it hard to swallow a lot of what you imply, I whole heartedly agree there are way too many unaswered questions about 9/11, and the “offical” story can not possibly be true.

You forgot to add, where was Norad?

Answer #11

The way I see it the terrorists have basically won.

They had one successful attack that killed a few thousand Americans and our response to it has bankrupted our economy, invalidated most of our Bill of Rights freedoms, and caused us to loose our moral leadership by resorting to torture ourselves and through proxies.

Ten times as many Americans die in auto accidents every year than died in 9/11 but we all accept the risk of transportation as part of life. One successful terrorist attack and we now cower in fear of the terrorists.

The terrorists have won because they made us more like them. They won not because their attack was so devastating but because of the way we responded to it.

Answer #12

ha. terrorists created it?

Answer #13

Terrorists create the phobia. That’s their main thing. Bush simply generated more of a public awareness of it is all.

Answer #14

Terrorist phobia is just an excuse for making stricter laws and taking our freedoms.

Answer #15

irrismith: “unbelievable…”

Care to elaborate what is unbelievable?

Answer #16


Answer #17

Looks like it. Lols! It make sense though. The result is Global crisis.

Answer #18

goverment and higher people

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