If your parents kicked you out...

what would you do? one of my friends is dangerously close to getting herself kicked out, not because she's behaving badly, just because her parents act like they hate her and treat her horribly.
I would offer to let her stay with me, but isn't that illegal-ish? like, if her parents decided later that they "never kicked her out", could we get in trouble for harboring a runaway or anything? she's only 16.
and, trying to involve CPS isn't really an option... there's no physical proof that she's being treated like this. all I know is that they've threatened to kick her out before, and she's threatened suicide, they've gotten her so depressed.
is there any way I can help her?

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okay well you sould talk to people you know or trust to help your friend out becaue it can get crazy trust me I know I have to bother who been kick out like 15 times for big things they done and my older sister just like them.

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call child social, but first get in on tape or something now in days all kids have cellphone with camara so use it

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I agree with amblessed.

You only talk about how the parents are.
You're friend may be the one causing problems, as much as you don't want to admit it.

Tell your friend to talk to a guidance counseor or teacher at school.
Or she should talk to her parents and get them to let her stay with an aunt or uncle or other family member.

There's nothing you can do to help her.
She's the one that ha to talk to people about this.

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I kicked my son out at age 18 after many problems with drugs and the law. It became a dangerous situation so I sent him packing. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I did not send him out without support though. I helped him find an apartment and paid the first two months rent and helped with groceries until he found a job. The job is only part time so he doesn't make enough to pay all his bills. He stopped doing drugs and hanging around with the friends that were bad news. He is going to church and is in the process of joining the military. I am still helping him as needed with his bills until he leaves for basic training but he now pays over half of all of them. He told me that getting kicked out was the best thing that happened to him...that it has been really hard and he now realizes how good he had it at home...that it made him finally grow up. He credits turning his life around to getting kicked out. So there are sometimes good endings. What I suggest to parents contemplating this move is to be willing to help out financially until your child can get on his or her feet (you may have to set a deadline on this as I did). I would never have been able to kick him out knowing he would be homeless, living on the streets, cold, hungry, etc. Tough love sometimes is the best love. To those of you who posted here who have been kicked out and completely abandoned, especially before age 18, I am truly sorry. Please do not consider suicide. Please get some counseling. Talk to a trusted teacher or pastor. Join a church. Churches are great families and they will help you out. Consider contacting your parents again and suggest creating a contract that you will abide by regarding the rules they set for you and maybe you can move back in and start again. Try really hard. Go to school. Work hard and become someone and be proud. God bless.

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Here you've totally convicted the parents - no doubt they're not perfect but you project your friend is - just wonder what input they would have - no physical proof...wherever the truth lies I just hope the right thing is done, take care !!

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Here you've totally convicted the parents - no doubt they're not perfect but you project your friend is - just wonder what input they would have - no physical proof...wherever the truth lies I just hope the right thing is done, take care !!

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I'd go to Japan. I wouldn't mind being kicked out. not that I want to, but it wouldn't mean much to me. I'm not allowed to go to Japan as long as I'm young enough to live in the house, but I already have enough money. so yea, it's my dream!! :) sorry, but can she stay with you?? that might help her quite a bit. you think?? hmm... I'm pretty sure that it's not illegal.

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I don't know what laws you have there, but here, 16 is legal age to be on your own.

If she's really concerned, she should talk to child welfare and let them know what's happening (even if there's no proof), that way if she does get kicked out, there will be a record of it somewhere (covering her backside, right?). Then if her parents make true on their threat, you can take her in - you're not harbouring a fugitive, and you can't be held criminally responsible.

btw, I've been there - kicked out of the house when I was 15

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I was in the same position , except im only 15 gonna be 16 in january , and 2 nights ago my mom kicked me out ! but that was because I have been behaving badly BUT its also because she doesnt understand , she is a total b*** to me , tell me how worthless I am , how she hates me , blah blah you know . like stuff I couldnt believe a mother could ever say to her daughter ! so she got fed up with me and kicked me out . and is calling the court today to get me emancipated . try getting her emancipated . you will need a job though and somewhere to live , if you dont know what that is look it up . its where she will be considered an adult and have all her rights ! so im a lot happier now that im not verbally and physically abused everyday :)

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One of my son's friends was kicked out at 18 and he had no money and no where to go. He lived in his car for months. We had no way of knowing where he was. He finally got into trouble. He has since been in jail. This is a shame because he wants to go to college and become a psychologist. His parents were not good parents at all. But they are now paying for it. They had to pay his legal bills and now they are actually trying to help him get into college. They loved the 2 youngest children best and gave them everything but made him the slave and wanted to control him. That is not love. A lot of his problems could have been avoided had they actually took care of their child. He is a high iq child with way too much energy. I would say that he is ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) along with some OCD. These types of children are more difficult to deal with but worth the trouble if you work at it. I have one and mine is still at home and he is a good boy. But I had to work much harder with him then with my younger child. He actually wears me out. I can't answer all of his questions but find out what he needs to know. Whatever it takes. You have to love all of your children and find ways to help all of them not just the ones that are easy to deal with.

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I am in this postition today I have been physically attacked by my mother today and my dad has kicked me out I have nowhere to go and no money I am on the verge of suicide my last two attempts failed everyday I get the whole I hate you go die your an idiot you fail your worthless it was a mistake having you" I am going to stay at my friends house then phone a shelter I told my friends and people I trust as my family have turned aganist me I have depression and my parents don't know how to deal with me so they ignore it thats why its lead to all this. Parents need to lsiten to their children and not ignore it because it won't go away I hope this helps love Pixieee xxx

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