If you lost your voice what do you eat or drink?

I'm not really sure what I should eat or drink?Can I have hot cocoa? Can I eat what I normally eat?

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drink hot stuff like soup and hot cocoa, stay away from anything cold until your voice gets a bit better or returns. other than that, you can have whatever you want:)

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pretty much... stay away from sour stuff, cold stuff,

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I think that in those situations, when your voice is lost and in bad shape, you should eat lots of honey (it helps a lot) and drink hot stuff.

Some suggestions would be:

warm milk

stuff like that...NOT very cold things...

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drink spoothing things like warm milk cus it leaves a layer on your throat which protects its best thing you can do is not 2 try an talk or sing even tho it hard I love singin an I dunno now wot id do without it but the other day I sung to strong without warmin up and now I feel like a cant sing anymore but you just gotta try an live without ya voice 4 a while:]

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