What are good things to eat and drink while I'm sick?

I have a stomach virus, I’m almost certain I do - my mom also thinks so. What are good foods and liquids to put down me while I’m sick? I haven’t been real hungry. I haven’t ate that much either, but when I do eventually get hungry, what us something small and good I can munch on? Also, I’ve been very thirsty.. I’ve been drinking water, and some koolaid. What else? (Btw - I’m not too crazy about Sprite, etc.).

Answer #1

soup is not a good idea if its a stomach virus. If it come up. IT WILL NOT BE PLESANT. Drink water and gatorade for sure and eat dry toast or toase with butter and crackers. If you think you can handle it a little bit of peasunt butter, creamy not chunky, just for substance.

Answer #2

I’d say try some crackers and drink some cream of chicken soup. Also you could try some Orange Juice and other flavors as well. I hope you get well soon. That’s no fun to be home sick like that.

Answer #3

You need a bland diet to keep your tummy stable for now. Porridge with plain boiled/steamed chicken strips works well. Drinking drinks like Gatorade and juice is also very helpful.

Answer #4

Drinking a glass of water with a little apple cider vinegar in it is great to settle an upset stomach.

Answer #5

Juices and soup…

Answer #6

a lot ov people say soup is good 4 you n orange juice hope you fell betta soon tho x

Answer #7

Toast is good. Or rich tea biscuits. ox.

Answer #8

toast and ginger ale

Answer #9

@crazykat2009 I am the same way.If I just look at food,I feel worse!My mom makes me eat crckers and toast and drink ginger ale and tea.Milk makes mucus so you can’t have that.Hope you feel better and hope I helped!=D

Answer #10

when I have a virus I drink stuff like gatoraid and I eat crackers and soops

Answer #11

If it’s the stomach flu, apparently you can eat whatever you want. But if it’s a stomach bug, chicken soup is good for fever and lost nutrients. My mum sometimes gets me Lucozade (the energy drink) when I’m unwell, but you aren’t supposed to use it to replace fluids if you’re going back and forwards to the bathroom. Pineapple juice is good to drink for healthy digestion. Carrot or tomato juice is the best vegetable juices to bring your energy levels back up. If you can’t keep food down, don’t worry about it. The most important thing is to drink loads of fluids to flush all the bad stuff out of your system. Also, try not to do too much, as this will probably make the bug spread through your system and get worse. Rest as much as possible until you’re feeling better. Hope you’re better soon. =o)

Answer #12

Only eat when you get hungry.

Your stomach can only handle so much right now, and you might just feed bacteria that use the virus as an opportunity to sneak in.

Avoid sugar. Try to get water, potassium, sodium (salt) and vitamin C.

Potassium is in a billion foods, Google it. You could try water, salt, red bell peppers and spinach, for example

Answer #13

I have a stomach virus right now, and the smell of food is making me feel worse and making me want to throw up… maybe I am odd. Anyhow everyone is different though, and for me soda only makes me throw up sorry… so I can’t have that. Actually I can’t even hold down milk lol, might try water in a bit and if and I mean if I get hungry can try toast but might throw it up since my stomach is very sensitive…

Answer #14

oat meal, french toast basically stuff that are easy to swallow and something really good to drink when you have a soar throat is hot water with lemon and honey

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