Why do you eat more when you drink alc?

and is there a way not to, cant one just drink with out food?

Answer #1

Its all about self control - which one tends to loose when their drunk. Drinking beer instead of liquor or mixed drinks fills your stomach up more and your less likely to eat alot though.

Answer #2

oh ok did not know that, thank u,i do drink liquor not beer but i never tired it, i will now. so do you know which one has less calories.

Answer #3

Ah, you get the munchies when drunk. Alcohol does stimulate your appetite and you probably shouldnt drink on an empty stomach (although, I know, it does get you drunk quicker). It depends on what alcohol you’re drinking and what it is mixed with. Hard liquor is about 100 cals per shot (of course then it depends what it is mixed with, mixed drinks can become very very fattening), while beer is about 150 cals per bottle.

Answer #4

was thinking so can it be fatting if i just drink and dont eat.

Answer #5

My experience is, even when i’ve already eaten, if I don’t eat while drinking i get a stomachache but i also agree with Mandyloo about self control.. when I’m drinking seems like i’ve already gone that far to enjoy myself why not eat something that tastes yummy! Another think you might try is drinking a lot of water while you’re drinking.. i do that and it makes things better for me… a bit unrelated but a friend recently told me that it is better to drink a tablespoon of olive oil before drinking if you don’t eat meat or don’t eat a lot of meat to help the alcohol go down better.. something to do with the fat of the oil.. idk =)

Answer #6

actually not all alcohol makes you hungry… beer of any kind will enhance your appetite whereas spirits will suppress it…

im a spirit drinker and can happly go through a bottle (70cl) and only eat 1 25g bag of crisps.. whereas with larger/bitter/ale youll eat about 20 more bags.

Answer #7

You eat more when you drink? I never did….I hardly ate at all….course I was a hard core alki….who didn’t want to wreck my high with food.


Answer #8

Oh yeah, alcohol is very fattening. It turns into like a sugar. A couple of beers and you’re looking at 750-1000 cals (that’s half your daily intake). See that’s why the whole beer belly? And hard liquor and mixed drinks are also extremely fattening. My advice, have some food before you go drink. It will prevent the munchies, you wont eat as much, you also wont get completely trashed and wake up with a hangover. A win win win situation all around.

Answer #9

I get the munchies when I drink. It’s awful :(

Answer #10

that’s true.. alcohol does turn into sugar.. i recently found out i’m insulin resistant and whenever i have ever drunk in my life i drink i get drunk from just 3 or 4 mixed drinks but it really doesn’t kick in right away.. If i drink more than that I will be totally sick and throwing up all over the place and sick all night and the next day i won’t feel good at all.. Now i hardly drink but if i do i really do have to eat before and during and a food that is not going to turn into sugar too just to make it easier on myself ;) sugar turns to fat and in my case so much more of what i eat turns into fat instead of energy unlike most people.

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