Pregnant if my boyfriend fingered me?

Can I be pregnant if my boyfriend fingered me with his cum?
And everytime I put my arm up my lower stomuch hurts and when I bend down what does that mean?
And if I push down on my boobs they hurt like somone punched me really hard what does that also mean?

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no you are not pregnant. you can only get pregnant if his spirm melts with your ovums so if thete was no sperm involved then there is no pregnancy. Stop sressing now and relax

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thats impossible.

sorry, didn't read with his c*m part,
yeah there is a good chance.

take a pregnancy test! :)

Can you get pregnant if a guy fingers you?
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If you suspect you are pregnant, get a pregnancy test done. This can be done by doctors, a family planning nurse, or even done by you in your own bathroom.

It's never a good idea to use semen as a lubricant- that's like playing with fire. If semen gets into your vagina, there's every chance you can get pregnant from it. If you need a lubricant, use a water based lubricant- most pharmacies sell them, go take a look next time you're nearby.

I also suggest laying off sexual acts until you get the lowdown on how babies are conceived, contraceptives, etc. Keep yourself safe and get educated on it.

Can you get pregnant by fingering with sperm on finger
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im sorry not following thu here I mean like how can that happen
I think you maybe can get prego...
but why would you guys do that 4 ???
just get a prego test [PT}

Can I still get fingered and/or licked by my boyfriend if there is a 50% possibility that I have a yeast infection?
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if he fingered you with his cum, you could get pregnant

Can you get a girl pregnant by fingering?
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sperm and cum are the same thig yes you could be pregnant
you have probably found out by now so are you and if you are dont have an abortion because it is very very very very wrong

Am I pregnant from him fingering me?
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Can getting fingered wit sperm and your finger gt you pregnant?

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