Can you get a girl pregnant by fingering?

Ok now I have been wondering if you can get a girl pregnant by fingering them if like you had maserbated like and hour before or something soo yeah I was wondering that

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I really feel that you should learn more about sex and reproduction before continuing sexual behavior.

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nope fingering Dosen't get anyone pregnant

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Can you get pregnant if a guy fingers you?
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Nope the chances are extremely negligible, but wash your hands after you masturbate for goodness sake.

Can you get pregnant by fingering with sperm on finger
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Only if the sperm is active and comes in contact with the egg - chances would be very slim.

Can girls really get pregnant from swimming in a lake after a guy got his sperm in it?
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XD No you cant but if you could that would be really strange=/

Can getting fingered wit sperm and your finger gt you pregnant?

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