What do you think about the idea of stuffing Knut?

There’s some controversy going around that there are plans to have Knut the polar bear mounted and put on display in the museum. Do you think it’s a good idea? Why or why not?

Answer #1

I don’t know the story behind this, but why not? I don’t think there’s a problem with stuffing animals. Some people find comfort in having their pets stuffed (I don’t think I could do that though). And it gives kids a chance to get up-close-and-personal with an animal they wouldn’t be able to, ordinarily.

Answer #2

I felt really sorry for knut when it died in march. It’s a good idea to show Knut to the World and keep him alive in the museum. But i fear they are just doing it for publicity and for their own profit

Answer #3


very touching story.

Answer #4

No they shouldn’t stuff him :( they should just burry him & let him rest in peace thats just my opinion .. but if they do stuff him then I guess thats not SOO bad , as long as they don’t throw him in the dumpster …

Answer #5

I don’t like stuffing animals. I don’t agree with taxidermy in general. I mean, you wouldn’t stuff your best friend, would you? I think they should have a decent burial. Hes been an attraction all his life, after all.

Answer #6

Although I don’t have a problem with taxidermy, you have a good point there when you say “Hes been an attraction all his life, after all.” Personally, it seems a bit wrong that he has been an attraction all his life, and even after he has passed, he will still be used as an attraction.

Answer #7

I would say give Knut a proper burial and erect a monument to him at the zoo. Maybe something with his history/pictures, so future generations can read about him.

Answer #8

For years and years, people have stuffed and mounted animals as a sign of respect for the life they lived, and to keep their presence living on in the community. People have also stuffed and mounted animals as a trophy, to scare away people from other tribes, and to decorate their houses.

- What we need to ask, is are they stuffing Knut as a sign of respect for their beloved bear, or as a trophy and decoration in the hope of bring tourism and money?


- I do believe that sadly it is most probably the latter. Though carcasses hold no meaning to me, the way I see it, is that bodies are just a means of getting around on earth, they hold no importance in whatever afterlife we have as our fate.

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