I want to be a skate-chick!

HOW can you easily balance on a skateboard.. it’s so anoying , because every time I try to stand up and move on one, the board flips out because I loose my BALANCE!

Answer #1

There are some videos on youtube that will most likely help you, check them out: http://youtube.com/results?search_query=how+to+balance+on+a+skateboard&search_type=&aq=0&oq=how+to+balance+on+a+

Answer #2

yeah pratice but do you want to be a “skater-chick” because you think its fun to skateboard or just to get skater boys and look cool because if thats the case and you dont really enjoy skateboarding then theres no point forcing urself to do it

Answer #3

practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice.

Sorry but its the only way.

Make sure you have your stance right on the board. I’m no expert but there are plenty of skaters her who could give you pointers.

and wear knee pads lol :)

Answer #4

I know what that’s like I’ve been skating since I was 5 years old and it takes time but do cause you want to not for anyone else

Answer #5

yeah, dont skate for other peoples attention make sure your actually interesting in taking this up first …now yes you need to practice heaps! and I know…because I love skating! you might also be placing your feet on the board wrong but both feet over the bolts first practice standing and leaning on the board without moving you can do that on grass, carpet and stuff so your less likelty to fall then move up to concrete if you can push or if your trying to learn that put your front foot over the bolts at the front and your back foot just behind them in the middle of the end of the tail and the bolts youll need to lean forward a bit and try to keep your weight centred! and to learn more quickly, practice more often like maybe when your watching tv or something practive standing on your skateboard on top of a mat or some carpet …that should help

Answer #6

yes, thanks for advice.. im seriosly considering it an option of getting around places, because buses are crap in my area, and bikes are too bulky..

Answer #7

first of all grab something liek a stair rail. put you left foot on the back and push down untill the board pops up. the put your right foot on the front and push it down. then let go of the rail. work on getting on and off the board. *you gonna fall a lot

Answer #8

maybe your not balancing it the way your comfortable with

right foot in the front or left foot in the front… the tony hawk trick tips videos help a lot!

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