Skating, Cheer leading, pressure:(

Ok so its a small, but important conflict, I figure skate, but my mom wants me to try out in cheerleading at school. I want to dedicate all of my time and effort into one sport, not be so-so in both. Because I’m starting this new jump, the hardest one in my level and a huge milestone in my skating career. Should I atleast try out, because I dont want to, I want to put 100% effort into just one, the one I love most, aka figure skating. What should I do? Help!

Answer #1

I would just not try out, no reason to lie just tell your mom its not for you

Answer #2

well if you realy dont want to do cheerleading at tryouts just dont realy try and say you tried out but dident make it

Answer #3

dont do it, tell your mum that figure skayting is what you love to do not cherrleading try to make her understand more by telling her that it wouldnt be fair if her mum wanted her to play something like hockey if she loved playing something like tennis if you dont want to play two sports dont tell your mother how much you love figure skating and how much it means to you then say you dont want to try out for cheerleading because you have no intrest in it

Answer #4

thats weird because I used to figure skate and now im into cheerleading. maybe you should just try like a cheer class or something and see how you like it? hope this helps!

Answer #5

go for your dream. if you follow what your mum says all your life then its not really your life right? I was a figure skater and ice dancer for years. I think though doing cheerleading would be good for your skating as it helps with balance, flexability etc. so think of it as an extra for skating. do both, to please your mum, but think of cheering as training for skating. I did gymnastics for my skating and I did not like it but it helped a lot.

good luck. x

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