am I bad for taking drugs?

I have been smoking marijuana for the past two years. and I don’t see marijuana as a “drug”, it is a natural plant that if we do have a “god”, he obviously put it there for a reason, right? so don’t answer that. =] but, for the past four months I have been taking ectasy. for the first month, I rolled every weekend, all weekend. for the next two months I rolled every other weekend or so. and for the past month, I only rolled twice. now me and my sister plan on rolling tomorrow [friday], today is thursday. I now the long term risks of ectasy, but am not “addicted” and I don’t have a problem that is out of control. but is it wrong to roll? along with ectasy, I have been drinking about doing coke. quite a bit. but like I said, I am not an addict and it’s not a serious problem. I just enjoy doing the drugs when it’s available. I don’t spend money on drugs. I usually just are given them. is that wrong?

Answer #1

well it is a drug and just because it comes from a plant doesnt make it safe berries come from plants and some of them will kill you

Answer #2

You’re kind of getting there. People can go through those phases in the early stages, talking about how it’s “under control”…well once you get bored on a Wednesday afternoon, test yourself. If you ever think about doing drugs, you’re already reminiscing. At least, that’s my opinion I guess.

I used to do ecstasy casually whenever I had some EXTRA money (I’d never buy drugs over food at that point) and whenever I spotted it on my dealer, I never went looking for it.

Then after a while I went from a couple days a week to every weekday. And about 3 pills.

Some simple math…one pill = $20. I was taking 3 day, multiple $20 by 3 to get $60. Multiply it further by 5 and you’re looking at $300 a week! =/

After doing that for so long, I started choosing Ecstasy (or even cocaine then) over food and I gradually kept losing weight and losing weight.

All of that stemmed from me thinking about how much fun I had the night before.

Are you going to do any real, major damage CASUALLY using? Maybe not…

But no one can stay a casual user of anything forever. You either quit or use more, it’s just how it works.

And morally, since PURE MaryJ (nothing added by the dealer) is less harmful to your body than smoking cigarettes and drinking, and it usually turns your mind to good thoughts rather than bad (and can help you sleep/eat, too!) and isn’t man-made, I don’t feel bad and I don’t think that would make you a bad person either. However, those bigger drugs can get you to do bad things.

I mean…I smoke it everyday =P I don’t drive messed up, I don’t go to work messed up, I don’t go to school messed up…but other than that I’m almost always smoking =D it helps me sleep at night because I have really bad sleep problems but can’t take medication for it, and I basically have no appetite at all when I don’t smoke (I’m just never very hungry) it can make me eat those three big meals of the day.

Just be careful, either way.

Answer #3

No, you’re not bad but you are acting stupid, especially with the availability of knowledge to you that allows you to perceive the problems associated with those drugs.

And, yes, you are addicted. You are addicted to attempting to find escapes for the normal situations of your life instead of coming to terms with them and dealing with them.

By the way, arsenic is a natural substance. That doesn’t make it any less lethal.

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Answer #4

Me - 17 and pregnant? I’m 23 years old ma’am and I have a 7 month old.

If you look at my post - I was telling her my story and how I am a recovering drug addict, I have been through it all. Pay attention!!!

Answer #5

Drugs are wrong- simple as that. You say you don’t have a problem? Hello you are regularly taking drugs that IS a problem.

You say that there is nothing wrong with cannabis because it is natural- come on, heroine is made out of poppy seeds they are natural and heroine is a class A drug. So heroine is fine as well then?

Answer #6

No, doing drugs does not make you a bad person—but, they can lead you to make bad decisions. Marijuana is naturally occuring. I don’t think it was made to get high. And pot IS addictive, and it is a “leader” drug,,,leads you to experimenting with other drugs (hmm…E, wanting to try cocaine—see a connection here?) and potential addiction, if you aren’t already addicted. If you can stop right now—everything, don’t do that E tomorrow night, and don’t smoke that next joint or spliff. If you can stop everything right now and never use ANY of them again—including pot, and you don’t miss or desire to use them—then you’re probably not addicted. Consider this a challenge for this weekend. See if I can do it and not be wishing you were. Try it.

Answer #7

Drugs ruin peoples lifes. You have probably heard this many times, but before you know it youl be hooked on cocaine or heroine and youl be a complete water just like the rest of these people. You cant condone drug taking, its just disrespectful to the families and people who have lost lives through that stuff!! Dont do it.

Answer #8

From a recovering drug addicts perspective:

You are not bad - but your actions are leading you down a very dangerous road. That is exaclty how I started out, I was just using every weekend, I thought I was under control, I thought I was young and just having fun - guess what. In less than a year - I was a full blown addict, stealing to get money for drugs, using every day, doing anything I could get my hands on, then I became homeless, was raped by my drug dealer, and had no where to go. My teeth started rotting and were yellow, 2 fell out. I had sores all up and down my arms from needles and from meth sores, and I looked terrible. Is that really a road you want to go down? Honestly.

Answer #9

Well, the one thing that addicts of any sort have in common…is denial…Read what you wrote, and then say again…”I don’t have a problem”…are you in denial??

Heroin, morphine, codiene…are all opiate derivatives…and opiates come from poppy flowers, psylisybin from mushrooms, cocain from the cocoa plant…all “naturally occuring plants”…does that mean they aren’t drugs either? If something alters your thinking, it is a drug…period!

If you aren’t addicted now, it sounds like you are well on your way…and it ain’t fun kicking…been there, done it…


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